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Заа се храним здрвословно е добре да знаем някои важни факти за храните
Има интересни факти за храните, които трябва да знаем

Food and nutrition – interesting facts

Healthy eating is good to know that:

1. There is a direct link between the intensity of a fruit or vegetable and its nutritional value.

2. The paste, oats and pulses limiting the rise in blood sugar because they are sources of slow release carbohydrates.

3. It is recommended for healthy eating fruits and vegetables is to eat five times a day, regardless of their type – fresh, frozen canned or juice.

4. A small tin of baked beans is so healthy and nutritious, as if you eat one fruit or vegetable.

5. The content of calcium in skimmed and semi-skimmed milk is the same as in the whole.

6. Foods with a low or reduced fat are not necessarily fewer calories, since they usually have a large percentage of sugar and starch.

7. Researchers from Cardiff University found that people who ate high-fiber foods are less tired and stressed than those who ate low in fiber foods such as cornflakes.

8. Scientists have proven that received daily calories have the greatest influence on a person’s weight. This makes the false claim that fat when you eat late at night.

9. Frozen vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh, especially if fresh are stored at room temperature for several days.

10. Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals that are good for health. They give them a certain color and flavor.

11. It is possible that people who do not like Brussels sprouts to their stake generic. Some people have a gene for which they perceived as unpleasantly bitter vegetables. This is unfortunate because sprouts is very helpful.

12. In the brain are released endorphins (hormones of happiness) while eating chocolate. They make us eat more and more. Fortunately, cocoa contains antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium and copper. Milk chocolate does contain calcium.

13. oysters contain more zinc than any other food. Zinc affects well the immune system, promotes faster wound healing and increases potency. It is no accident that oysters were a favorite food of the famous Venetian lover Giacomo Casanova.

14. The calories contained in kilogram human fat around 7800. To remove one kilogram a week, a person should eat 1,100 calories less than usual each day (7H1100 = 7700).

15. You have to take 30 ml ordinary tap or clean mountain water / not mineral / NA1 kg body weight, 1 liter of water put 1.5 g sea or rock salt, but not cooking. Divide the water of six doses and take it in a dose half an hour before and 2.5 hours after a meal. Only mode drinking this water with salt gives a fantastic result. This mixture of water and salt helps to restore the physical and chemical reactions in the body, removes excess cholesterol, cleanses the blood, water and nerve pathways in the body and allows himself to be treated: required period of 9-10 days to heal itself without drugs.

16. Eggs are one of the most useful products of nature. They contain proteins with balanced amino acid composition of fat that have a high biological value, vitamins and minerals that are absorbed well by the body. The amount of fat in the yolk as a whole is nearly 2 times more than the amount of protein. The content of cholesterol is high. This gives rise to discussions regarding the possible atherogenic role of yolk in the egg. The rich presence of phospholipids, however, is not counted. The presence of vitamins A, D, B2, B12, folic acid, and antioxidants – Vitamin E (tocopherol), beta-carotene (provitamin A) are of great importance for a high nutritive value of eggs. The mineral composition of the eggs is represented by phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and many others.

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