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Importance of family for toddler

In family the child gets its first knowledge of the outside world

The family is the first factor that influences the course of development. The beginning of the formation and development of the psyche of the child is placed in the family and family environment. The daily regime is one of the important conditions for proper neuro-psychological development of the child. The child's development ...

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Vitamins sometimes can be harmful

The use of vitamins without prescription for prevention purposes can lead to Hypervitaminosis

Very often mothers of young children provide a variety of vitamins to children recommended on the playground. They all believe that giving vitamins is always healthy and beneficial for children and their immune system. We should know, however, that their uncontrolled intake is not healthy. There are possible toxic effects, especially in pregnancy.

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Television and our children

Деца гледат телевизия

Most children begin to stand in front of the TV very early hours, which gives a great impact on their neuro-psychological development and is accompanied by side effects such as sleep disturbances, nightmares and nervousness. Whims that often show children and their intensity can result ...

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Children’s teeth – how to prevent problems

The emergence of caries at a very early age is a serious problem in modern glossy packaging and any sweets. Children hardly resist the seductive ads that are everywhere and our parental responsibility to protect them by imposing rules...

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Hardening of toddler

What should I do to enable children to cope with climate change around them and grow healthy, lively and cheerful? If you want to protect your child from colds zabolyavanie, the best option is through hardening.

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Drawing – a favorite activity of children

Децата обичат да изразяват своите чувства като рисуват

Drawing is important for mental and physical development of the child. Furthermore, children form their imagination while painting. Drawing helps to aesthetic education of the child. According to psychologists every child expresses his vision of the world and its views of the surrounding environment.

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When a child exhibits stubbornness


"My kid is stubborn." These are words that often mothers say, but do not think that this applies not only for their child, but just typical behavior for their age and partly a consequence of the behavior of the parents. The child tries remind them that it is not simply obedient doll robot, and began to build as a person.

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How to strengthen the appetite of fussy eater toddler?

За да се храни детето добре е важно и как ще му поднесем храната

For every child is normally between 1 and 5 years to decrease appetite. This is something that worries parents, but it is something completely normal, usually temporarily.

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Which foods are functional?

Human nutrition can be healthy and favorably affect his body and may prevent certain organs to function properly. Foods that are optimal for a person to feel safe and efficient are actually - functional foods.

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