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Bronchial asthma in children resolves in puberty

There is a trend of increasingly a disease of asthma in children in recent years. Another problem is the difficulty of recognition of the disease in them as the first symptoms often overlap with symptoms of ordinary common infectious respiratory diseases. Especially in age up to 3 years. Children are very prone to respiratory diseases and susceptible to viral infections that actually cause them.

When children find bronchial asthma, in most cases it is due to allergies and the first symptoms after contact with animals – cats, dogs, horses, fish, guinea pigs and others. Especially impact of increased frequency of seizures in children have cockroaches. Their feces, saliva and secretions are particularly irritating and harmful.

Seasonal complaints usually focus on the presence of allergy to pollen. In many asthmatic sick children can be established allergy to dust mites or mite. There is also a large percentage of inherited predisposition to allergies. If one parent is allergic or has suffered from bronchial asthma in childhood, the likelihood of asthma in children is great.

In the age of children up to one year the most important are food allergens, the strongest of which is cow’s milk. So especially if you have hereditary conditions for allergy, it is recommended that the child should not be given cow’s milk until the end of the first year.

In children between 4 and 7 years main causes of exacerbation of allergic diseases are infectious, food and household allergens, as a result of which appears frequently allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. For proper and effective treatment of bronchial asthma in children is a very important time to put a diagnosis and administer treatment to be followed strictly.

A major problem in the treatment of children is that difficult comply with these instructions for use of metered aerosols – inhalers. So always have prior training and the parent’s and the child’s doctor. To be result in treatment is important how you breathe prescribed medication. Here are some guidelines and recommendations:

Rules for use of metered aerosols – inhalers

  1. Before using the inhaler should be shaken. This is done in order to homogenize the medication and to complete the dosing device.
  2. Remove the cap of the inhaler.
  3. Breathe calmly.
  4. The mouthpiece is placed in the mouth.
  5. Press the inhaler and at the same time slowly and fully breathe. This is especially important point. Poor co-ordination between activation and inhalation of the inhaler is the main reason for the inadequate action of the drug.Inhalation should not be sharp, because it reduces the correct deposition of the medicament.
  6. Hold the breath for at least 10 seconds. This time is necessary in order to achieve a better deposition of small droplets of medicament in the periphery of the lungs.
  7. Do not exhale completely, but simply restores normal breathing.
  8. If you are prescribed more than one inhalation, the second and the next must be performed after an interval of at least one minute.

Proper use of the inhaler is an important commitment of the parent in patients with bronchial asthma child. It should be very well understand the rules clearly show your child how to do it and to ensure the successful adoption of the drug from him.

The most common errors in the use of inhalers are:

Do not be shaken well,

  • Inhalation is done very quickly and the drug stick in the mouth and does not reach the lungs,
  • Inhalation is done sooner or later with respect to the injection of the drug. The spacer is a large transparent plastic container with holes at both ends. In one hole breathe aerosol and in other injected drugs. With the help of the spacer facilitates the use of aerosol inhalers because they do not require strict coordination between the time of inhalation and pressing the inhaler.
  • Used empty or nearly empty inhaler.
  • Used stuffy hole in your source inhaler.
  • There are several ways to find out the amount of drug remaining in the inhaler:
  • by shaking felt somewhat availability of drugs
  • >by immersion in water. Take the vial from the plastic chassis and place it in a transparent container with water. If you rest on the bottom faces, there are about ¾ of the drug. If faces vertically near the surface, it is half full. If floats lying on the surface, it is empty.ен.

Because the immersion of the vial in water can sometimes lead to clogging, the safest way is by recording the number of clicks / example with bars on the box of medicine /.

When properly treat asthma in children is treatable and usually with the onset of puberty and stop the complaints. Should not be allowed to deepen the disease in children, because she grew up without consequences only if it was in a milder form.

It should always bear in mind that if a child is suffering from bronchial asthma and symptoms in adolescence disappeared in later life disease may develop again under the influence of external factors. Therefore, people prone to allergies and suffered from asthma as a child, they must know which allergens can cause allergic reaction in their body and provoke asthma again.


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