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Facial injections against time

Although no serious preconditioning is required for this type of facial injections, it is advisable to consult anti aging clinic specialist. He will recommend follow-up therapy with appropriate cosmetics that is in sync with regenerative skin processes.

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Separate nutrition – diet or just a theory

Separate nutrition is not a good and long-term alternative to healthy eating

There are many and different views of specialists whether segregated nutrition is healthy and dietary. Separate nutrition is essentially the intake of protein food separately from carbohydrate food. It is important to know that separate eating is by no means an alternative to healthy eating.

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Stem cells can save lives in the future

The decision to store stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta is entirely made by parents

Stem cells are primary human cells, which can multiply and transform into other types of cells - nerve, bone,, muscle, liver and others. This ability allows medicine to treat with them very hardly treatable diseases.

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Fraudulent “Light” in artificial sweeteners

We often hear how harmful is sugar and how healthy life should be deprived of it. But sugar is a completely natural product. Of course, as with everything else - if you overdo it is dangerous to health.

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Mold at home – a health hazard

The most important is to prevent the relative humidity of the air in our home from exceeding 75%

One of the mistakes we make is that we start cleaning the mold to fix the aesthetics of the home, instead of going after the causes for the mold appearance.

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Diabetes reduces the potency in men

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that affects 10-15 percent of the world's population. Erectile Dysfunction / ED / is one of the common complications of diabetes. Inability to achieve or maintain an erection to carry out normal sexual intercourse in diabetes is the result ...

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The man is not a machine

Човека не е машина

Each machine wears out more when you move when running. In contrast, each person needs movement, not runs out! You can still make a comparison between the human body and complex machine. In both cases it is a plurality of items ...

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Rh and incompatible pregnancy

Rh incompatible pregnancy can occur in Rh negative woman pregnant with Rh positive man. In these cases, if the fetus is in the affirmative, causing the so-called. immunization with maternal antibody formation. The risk of Rh immunization in Rh negative women with full-term first pregnancy is 16%.

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Children’s teeth – how to prevent problems

The emergence of caries at a very early age is a serious problem in modern glossy packaging and any sweets. Children hardly resist the seductive ads that are everywhere and our parental responsibility to protect them by imposing rules...

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Spring fatigue – diagnosis or physiological norm

In late winter and early spring shortage of vitamins and seasonal hormonal readjustment most people listless, irritable and exhausted. This condition is often called spring fever. To prepare for the meeting with the spring fatigue, yet in recent winters abide longer light and fresh ...

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