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Desserts & Cakes

Cakes with kisses

Kiss cake with oranges and cream

Several delicious recipes for cakes with kisses, which inevitably will appeal to anyone who likes to eating delicious cakes. These recipes will surely give pleasure.

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Apricots – a good friend of our heart

Apricots have a mysterious healing effect on the heart, they are rich of potassium and are the only fruit whose stone can be used for food. Apricots are also rich in magnesium, which lower blood pressure. We present a recipe for eating apricot pits for the treatment of cardio - vascular diseases. Here are some recipes with apricots ...

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Homemade easter cake

A traditional element of the Easter table is Cozonac. Easter this noble product becomes a constant presence in every home. People forget diets and obesity, to eat at least one piece of the divine cake. Health and good life. To make cake is not just a pastime and sacred and ritual.

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