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The Practical and Aesthetic Importance of Retaining Walls in Gardens and Yards: Types and Materials

Retaining walls can be made of different materials

In this post, we'll explore the different types of retaining walls and materials available, so you can choose the best option suited to your garden's needs

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Gabions – What are They, How and Where are They Used?

Natural stone gabion with metal basket cage

Recently, gabions are increasingly used creatively in landscape design, and sometimes even for the construction of low-rise buildings.

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Why Your Stucco & Stone Contractor Should Be Baeumler Approved

The Baeumler Approved program helps home owners connect with contractors. It was established in 2012 by home improvement celebrity Bryan Baeumler.

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Transforming the old grass in the yard into green carpet

Beautiful yard and garden

Not so hard to make a beautiful green carpet in our yard. It requires little desire and work. First you need to mow the old grass when it is dry, collect the remnants of grass clippings and then brushing with a rake. Thus making the soil in your yard and garden available to seeds, water and fertilizer.

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Your fence can be beautiful and alive

There are over 500 species of evergreen and deciduous plants suitable for hedges

Hedge is a very good solution for fence of our yard because it is difficult to overcome by humans and animals. Very beautiful and can be shaped by artistic and original way. So give personality and great vision of the fence your yard and garden.

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How to make a decorative pond in the yard?

Decorative pond in the garden is like a mirror in your home

The idea to transform our yard in the most desirable and beautiful place, close to nature, appeals to most of us. Decorative pond in your garden is like a mirror in your home. We introduce a few simple steps and rules for building a pond in your yard.

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Plants protect plants in our garden

There are studies that show that the mixed crops plants protect each other.

Plant pests are a real nuisance and are the biggest nightmare of every gardener – they gnaw leaves, chew the roots and are able to completely destroy vegetable crops. The fight against them with chemicals is a double-edged sword, so more and more gardeners look back in time and learn from old tested methods.

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The beautiful garden needs care

Грижите за градината трябва да започнат още през март с първите слънчеви лъчи

With the arrival of spring plants awaken and activate their vital forces. Our goal for the maintenance of our garden in March is to ensure the development of plants with the necessary materials and space. Work in our yard and garden can begin immediately after snowmelt.

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