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Positive energy in our home

Each of us has at home objects that are associated with any memories or gift from a loved one. All of them are a source of positive emotions and when you think of them or use them, it is able to positively affect mood ni.Takiva items are very valuable because they invoke peace and security in the home. Home is the place where you should feel best, it is our fortress.

A similar role might and photos of loved ones. In fact, quite often we tend to include pictures of their relatives and loved ones in the interior of the home. And this is a great way to positively influence your mood, especially if the picture reminds a happy experience. Even if you do not like how out of the picture, there you will find a photo that you would love to watch. Maybe put pictures of people you love.

Worth a person to consider this question to include your imagination to consider everything – from the frame to where a similar picture can fit best in the interior of your home. Mirror frames, for example, are very suitable for smaller photos or pictures to not look too nondescript space of the home. If you take a mirror the size, whatever you decide it is appropriate and put it in a frame and put the photo in the middle, you will see what effect is striking is postiga.Razbira frame must be adequate to meet the style of the home.

When inserting a photo of your desk, you should know that it is better to use the right angle, because this is the area of ​​relationships.

Mirrors are a very powerful tool to change the energy flow in your home Nibshan still need to be careful with them. You should never put a mirror opposite the front door, because so it will reflect incoming energy in the home. Not a good solution if the mirror reflects the marital bed. Especially in a small home in smaller rooms, the mirror is an indispensable tool for giving the illusion of a larger room. In fact a mirror doubles everything that affects it. If you have flowers in the room as they not only become twice more, but the mirror gives them more light.

If you put a mirror opposite the window and the view through a beautiful landscape, the Res already have a pretty picture at home.

If the kitchen is put mirrors that give visual increase in the number of heating plates pechkata- it is a symbol of prosperity of the family.

Another trick of mirrors is that if put in a suitable place as you work, you can see the front door of the room in which you are. This gives great peace and security in the home.

Valuable source of positive energy in your home can be any object, which is made from natural materiali.Osobeno valuable is such a thing yourself if you have worked or if the one who made it was in a good mood. When making something by hand is an important one that makes it to be healthy and to work with passion and pleasure. Then the product is extremely valuable and charged with positive energiya.Taka as if knit with great desire Slippers of her baby, it will be very quiet and not cry when with them.

Such objects are very suitable for the home and its energy.

Another unique form of life and energy crystals. The very frequency of the radiation of the crystal affects the person and the situation around him. But it is important to be crystal natural and be consistent with your horoscope, the influences of the planets and the interaction with this kristal.Ako have set a crystal vase that is real and relevant to your astrological sign, it can affect many positive mental your serenity and inner peace. The same is true for small amulets that many people carry in her purse. They should be natural, whether they are small crystals or gems. No sense of synthetic crystals or stones as beautiful they are. Often, however, a real crystal of the role of talisman can do wonders for you.

Precious stones also have a miraculous energy force. Jade example, was considered a sacred stone from many eastern nations like him attributed to several key attributes that meet the mental human ones: the warm glow of the stone meet’s good nature, his strength – endurance and justice, melodic chime in tapping compared with attitude man of science and knowledge, sustainable structure of the stone – for courage, strength and stability of character. Jade is a symbol of chistota.Toy is common in nature and it in large quantities and, if desired, anyone can acquire a little piece of real jade go have it at home. It’s nice to put the northeast.

Minerals are a symbol of Zemya.za elements have an effect of them is better crystal to hang a braid of the window in a central area or southwest. Transparent rock crystal or quartz crystals are most suitable for this purpose.

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