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Плуването е важен спорт и за закаляване на детето
Плуването е важен спорт и за закаляване на детето

Swimming is important for children

A strict age limit before the child shall not enter into the pool, no. Right time for the start of classes in swimming is a matter of individual choice of every parent who best knows his kid – how perceived hints how speculate whether hears how concentrate. There are kids who four years and are ready for training but according to experts the optimal age is 6 years. Then the child is already beginning to focus, to understand in detail what the teacher says or what the coach requires. And it is more fun.

There is hardly a child who likes to play in the water. So the parent must decide when the kid is ready to stop swimming perceived only as a game.

The undisputed fact is that practicing swimming sports develop the child’s body as a complex – to build motor and respiratory culture, the formation of healthy muscles. Moreover, swimming is one of the few physical activities that have an equal impact on all muscle groups. Training sessions are unique in terms of the environment in which they are carried out – only the water body does not feel the effects of perspiration.

Experts say that swimming is one of the most complex sports.

Swimming is a sport with a powerful healing and hardening effect on humans, develop and improve all functions of the body, forms a harmonious and slender body.

For the Romans as well as Greeks, swimming was mandatory discipline of military training and in Egypt was part of the curriculum for children. All this sunken into oblivion during the Middle Ages, as late as the 19th century, Europe rediscovered the pleasure of movement in water.

Swimming has become a sport easily accessible thanks to the numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

What are the advantages of swimming over other sports:

– Water reduces the force of gravity and therefore has much less pressure on bones and joints.
– No need to be a serious athlete to be doing swimming – you only need to follow some basic rules.
– Improves breathing by facilitating the discharge of secretions from the lungs due to the horizontal model of execution.
– The equipment is pretty cheap – swimsuit, sunglasses and hat.
– Works on motor coordination of the whole body.
– Increases heart and lung capacity, improves muscle tone.
– More than 2/3 of the body musculature is involved in movement.
– Normalizes blood pressure and pulse.

Unfortunately, 80% of Bulgarians can not swim. This is a huge percentage, and should any adult who does not understand that it is unforgivable to deprive your child of this opportunity. Each child must be able to swim and swimming should be introduced as a compulsory subject at school.

Деца в басейн се учат да плуват

In many kindergartens and schools in Sofia for example, have pools, and where there is no need to introduce the organization and enjoy other pools, but all children should swim.

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