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Amazing chocolate can be made with camel milk, and lately ice cream too
Amazing chocolate can be made with camel milk, and lately ice cream too

Camel milk can replace cow milk

More and more people are allergic to cow’s milk proteins, especially children. Camel milk is a new alternative for them and for people suffering from diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders. In recent years, the idea of ​​producing camel milk in Europe is growing and there are more supporters.

European requirements and standards for food products allow the sale of camel milk only if it is produced in the European Union. That is why German entrepreneurs start up company Vitamol Camel Dairy and Products – it will be a factory or rather farm that will be grown around 2,000 camels. It will do primary processing of milk and manufacture dairy products brand Vitamol. The expectations are that camel milk will almost completely replace cow milk in baby foods and cereals, because they contain lactose, which a lot of kids does not tolerate. In addition, the comel milk is closer to breast milk.

What are the benefits of camel milk over cow?

Camel milk has different properties and composition from cow’s milk. It is similar in taste and appearance, but is closer in content to breast milk, making it more healthy. It contains several times more vitamin C. It is rich in minerals and has a low sugar content, making it an outstanding dietary product.

На вкус камилското мляко напомня малко на обезмасленото мляко, но не е сладко
Camel milk is very similar to the breast milk

Taste of camel milk reminds a bit of skimmed milk, but it is sweet and is very suitable for drinking and for pouring the favorite children cereals.

Studies have shown that immunoglobulins which camel milk contains are 10 times smaller than those of a human and therefore pass from the intestine in human blood as actively attack autoimmune diseases. Because of this fact, camel milk has a fast healing effect.

There is a belief that Nature has created camel milk as medicine and therefore other foodstuff can hardly be made of it. It heals a lot of diseases very effectively. Among these are: allergic gastritis, numerous diseases associated with the immune system, food allergy, autism, diabetes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, Crohn’s disease, liver cancer, radiation and others. Especially in Crohn’s disease, which often turns into an epidemic in many countries, camel milk gives very good results.

What are the disadvantages of camel milk?

Camel milk is more expensive, because cows produce about 50 liters of milk per day, while camels make 10-15 liters.

Cheese and yogurt can not be made out of it, because it contains casein.

But camel milk chocolate is wonderful and lately ice cream too.


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