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Mobile applications in our lives

The rapid development of technology over the past decade has radically altered our everyday life. Now we live, work differently and we can not even imagine another life.

Smartphones, which until a few years ago were a luxury, are now in the hands of even children and become more modern, more functional and with increasingly larger displays.

The presence of a computer in your pocket or bag, which can at any time help you with your daily needs very fast and easily, became something we are addicted to and we can’t imaging a life without it..

But what are these mobile applications and who creates them?

The mobile app is actually the software that creates our continuous connection with a mobile device in our pocket, even when we sleep. This strange and continuous connection between man and his cell phone becomes so integral that even borders on pathology. It turns out that most people almost can no longer live without their smartphones and they have become part of their existence – real and virtual.

Mobile applications are already so many that it is difficult to choose. The desire to have access to everything and always, can even overdo the number of installed applications. Most people already spend almost half of their time on the Internet, using their favorite applications and websites.

Behind the production of any mobile application that facilitates our daily lives, there is always a programmer, who built it to serve the purpose we desire. In most cases these are highly skilled programmers who create custom application and sometimes for their own pleasure or necessity. In all cases, however, mention the creation of intellectual property, which has financial measurability.

The creation of a mobile application and uploading it electronically is followed by the occurrence of copyright of its creator. Even if you have ordered and paid for a mobile application if the contract does not write specifically that copyrights were bought, it remains owned by the developer who created it. So he can submit it to other users, although production is at your order.

Much of mobile applications are created to serve the business and often a key factor for business success and career advancement. In many cases businesses become dependent on applications it uses and this makes them incredibly valuable and important tools.

The fact is that interest in mobile applications is continuously growing. In recent years it grew 200%.

Estimates are that by 2020 consumers will be willing to spend twice as much money for mobile applications and businesses will become more and more dependent on them.

Mobile applications and communication will conquer all media, institutions and businesses. Unfortunately, however, the impact will not be only positive, but there will be negatives. All this will be accompanied by a number of risks and threats regarding privacy and personal life of individuals and businesses.

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