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A passive house – the home of the future

The comfort provided by the passive house is very healthy

Home comfort offered by the passive house, positively affects your health and helps you live longer. Given that we spend half of our entire lives at home, it is not negligible.

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Alcohol and young people – a problem of the day

More and more young people try alcohol at very early age. Factors that influence alcohol are numerous variables and too often dependent. Alcohol abuse affects utmost nervous system, distort the intellectual ability, balance ...

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Wine – common beverage or miracle?

Виното си остава напитката на Боговете, но умерената му консумация е ключът към ползите му

Wine is a magical elixir that among other qualities possesses excellent dietary properties. The history of wine and winemaking is as old as civilization itself. Stories abound about how first discovered this delightful drink. One of them tells a mythical Persian king called Jamsheed.

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