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Woman and makeup
Every woman should be able to make the best with her face and emphasize her beauty

Perfect makeup rules and skills

The striving of every woman to be beautiful is explicable and related to her nature. In this quest, it often goes even with some extremes that can hurt her, and too much makeup does not always make the woman beautiful. That’s why we need to personally approach our face and choose the most appropriate and perfect makeup that highlights our beauty and at the same time masks some shortcomings or traces that time leaves.

Eye beauty is important because it gives the first impression when meeting a woman closely. That is why every woman strives to emphasize them and make them more expressive and beautiful.

There are some rules we need to know to make sure we do the best when applying makeup to our eyes.

It is important to be aware that our makeup should be based on the fact that evening makeup is unsuitable for everyday life and the daily is not effective enough for dinner in a refined restaurant. Rarely, but for special occasions it is possible to afford some extravagant variants with brilliant shadows and brocade effects depending on the occasion and the occasion.

What should be everyday makeup?

The first and most important thing is that makeup is applied to perfectly clean skin as there should be no traces of make-up the day before.

Daily makeup is preferable to be light and not to beat much in the eyes. For starters, it is important to level the face of your face with a light tan or colored moisturizing cream to hide the imperfections on the skin that almost everyone has. Then with a pencil it is good to emphasize the eyes and eyebrows. Highlighting the black pencil eyebrows is a good choice but should be in their contours and not be blurred. The choice of eye pencil is usually according to the toilet, as the colors may vary from black to purple as they go through the entire palette but be well chosen with the color of the eye and the color of the eyes. If shadows are used, they must be in very bright colors. The spiral should also not be too crowded but just stain the top of the eyelashes. Of the preferred lipstick or gloss, the better choice is pastel lipstick. If you finally apply a little blush on the cheekbones and under the eyebrows, the face will shine and the tan will look even and underlined.

We should not try to make corrections by makeup on the contours or change the shape of our eyebrows. The light when applying makeup should be enough to avoid being surprised by ourselves when we look at a mirror in the street in the daylight. Daily makeup should be lightweight and only slightly emphasize the contours of the eyes, cheeks and lips and make us fresh and beautiful. If we overdo it, we risk being a clown in daylight.

Daily makeup
Daily makeup should be lightweight and easy to adjust

What should be the evening makeup?

For evening make-up we can afford to overdo everything because artificial lighting makes all the colors look brighter. This requires a bit stronger makeup, of course color matching with the toilet we have chosen for the occasion. Pearl shadows in darker colors combined with a pencil in the same color tone can highlight the eyes, while well-chosen lipstick and lip pencil create a charming effect of makeup. In artificial lighting, makeup has to be expressive and eye-catching. To some extent, it could even be attractive, but necessarily tailored to the dress and style of where you will be. The use of artificial eyelashes is also permissible and has its charm, especially if it is a special case. The spiral gives depth and looks delightful. It does not have to be too crowded, especially when using artificial eyelashes.

Evening makeup
Evening make-up can be much braver but always strictly tailored to the toilet

When can we afford extravagant makeup?

Extravagant makeup is for special occasions such as prom, New Year’s Eve, and other balls and feasts that are usually accompanied by other extra extravagant effects that can fit this type of makeup. Typically, this is very strong, with a non-standard type of makeup and is often done by professional makeup artists, but if we can do it ourselves. Extravagant makeup is striking, brilliant or dark and dramatic, but necessarily attracts the attention of others. The goal is to feel different from everyday life and to note the special occasion appropriately. In our own way we want to be stunning and extravagant.

Extravagant makeup
Extravagant makeup is for special glamorous moments

Rules for lasting and fresh makeup?

Makeup is always applied to clean skin. There is nothing worse than blurred makeup with the remainder of the day before that are corrected unsuccessfully. Makeup cleaning should be done every night, and this is done with appropriate means to avoid excessive drying of the skin. Once a week, a face exfoliator is required to gently remove the dead cells. The use of age-appropriate creams is also very important.

Usually from the warm air in the room, the skin around the nose and chin is sweaty and starts to shine. Therefore, it is not bad to always have handkerchiefs and powders in order to wipe the place and apply some powder. This makes you easy and quick to adjust your makeup and refresh it.

The fondoute is suitable for all occasions because it gives a facial tan on the face and protects the skin from dust and harmful influences. Much better if mixed with the cream you use and spread evenly. It should not be forgotten that the best foundation for makeup is always well-groomed.

When you want to apply greasy shadows, it’s a good idea to put a little powder in advance so that they do not gather afterwards in the eyes and do not have to worry about how to fix them.

The spiral gives the depth and expression of the eyes and is an important part of the makeup, but you should not strap it too much, so if you need to refresh it, you will just put it on the edges only.

When choosing a blush, follow the rule that the blossom color should be the same as the color of the inside of your lip. Just turn your lip, look there and compare. Appropriate blush is applied to. If you have a white skin color, the bright pink colors are better suited and can be combined with a little similar shade of shimmering shadows that are just above the cheekbones.

To make your lips dense, you should use a lip pencil that is similar in color to lipstick, but a bit darker. With it, make a contour on your lips and then apply the lipstick. Liquid lipsticks also allow the addition of a little silicone, which in some cases has a pretty good effect.

And do not forget about the personality of your person. Do not try to copy the makeup to another person, and try your own many times until you find the right option for you. Even professional makeup artists make a make-up because they are not always sure about the effect and outcome of what they have been thinking about. Try it out, try until you are satisfied with what you see in the mirror – it will be your makeup style.

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