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No one will deny that it is particularly difficult to build a career when we have children.
No one will deny that it is particularly difficult to build a career when we have children.

A successful career and a happy family – difficult combination

It is well known that most people who have a successful career, often can not be successful on a personal level. In the same way that students learn lessons in school, the partners are required certain knowledge to build personal and family life. Career and family should not exclude each other, but in practice this is happening. Career and family is very difficult to go hand in hand and many compromises are necessary. Frequent absences from home because of urgent commitments at work causes the disintegration of a family.

Lately, young people strive more to achieve a successful career than to create a family. They believe that early establishment of career will provide a good financial basis for a good family in the future. Achieving career and professional development takes a lot of efforts and time and comes a time when it appears that we are late for a family. It is true that a good career is a prerequisite for good income, which provide better life for the family, but what’s the point if we don’t have a family to share our success with.

Can we have it all: career, love, family and success?

Contrary to the perceptions of many people, family actually does not stop careers – even very often can help its development. Often it is difficult to imagine what it would be if you have more than one dream come true: a favorite partner, children, and career that we like.

The answer is that we must pursue all the dreams together. Sounds impossible? Not so!

To start a family at all, both partners need to support each other. Couples whose dreams of successful careers remain aloof after marriage anyway obviously were not motivated enough and sooner or later would have quit.

Children are not an excuse. If you strive for success in your career, we will find time for everything. Changing diapers, parents meetings are not an obstacle that can not be overcome.
Despite increased competition and difficulties in drilling in this reality, it is well to remember that like most good things in life, and love is not interested in money. The important thing is to be together, no matter what mistakes we make and if we fail in their work and be happy that we have someone at his side for support.

No one will deny that it is particularly difficult to build a career when we have children. But it is difficult even when you have no family. But the truth is that hardly anyone would want to wake up one morning 45 years with successful careers after having spent 10-20 years in solitude. It is wonderful to have someone with whom to enjoy success.
In Europe, in countries such as France has a special policy towards families. The state is trying to assist them in chores to allow spouses to pay more attention to the child or children. Especially in women who are faced with the dilemma of whether to raise a family or to make a career. There is a way to combine both successfully.

The work requires a certain time. The family needs time and attention. The balance can be found.

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