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Separate nutrition – diet or just a theory

Separate nutrition is not a good and long-term alternative to healthy eating

There are many and different views of specialists whether segregated nutrition is healthy and dietary. Separate nutrition is essentially the intake of protein food separately from carbohydrate food. It is important to know that separate eating is by no means an alternative to healthy eating.

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Cellulite and nutrition – what’s the connection?

Cellulite is not due to excess weight and obesity, as many people think, as occurs in women of normal weight, and weak. Nutrition can not prevent cellulite, but can significantly delay the time of its occurrence, reduce its weight and slow down its development. Cellulite depends ...

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Raw food eating – the most ancient diet of mankind

специалистите от Световната здравна организация (СЗО) причислили суровоядството и вегетарианството към списъка с болести, чието лечение изисква намесата на психиатър.

Raw foodists believe that when you consume food in its raw form, except that eating healthy can cure incurable diseases until now. In sharp transition to raw food the body of a man who is not accustomed to the increased amount ...

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Meals made with carrots

The carrot is a plant with thick fleshy root with saturated color that grows underground and thin green leaves appearing above the ground. In selecting the carrots should be borne in mind that the roots should be firm, smooth, relatively clean and bright colors.

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Which foods are functional?

Human nutrition can be healthy and favorably affect his body and may prevent certain organs to function properly. Foods that are optimal for a person to feel safe and efficient are actually - functional foods.

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Food and nutrition – interesting facts

Заа се храним здрвословно е добре да знаем някои важни факти за храните

Nowadays, fashion is healthy eating and everyone seeks more or less to eat relatively healthy. There are some facts are very important for feeding everyone and especially for feeding young children.

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Potatoes – irreplaceable food

Картофите са храната, от която никога не бихме се отказали

In some countries, like Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, potatoes shift largely bread. In his great starch content they are close to the bread, and its wealth of minerals and vitamins - to vegetables. In our country from plant foods they are second only to bread. It is interesting to know that in the past ...

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What is the tomato exactly?

It is interesting to know that the first tomatoes were only ornamental plants, which were attributed miraculous properties. Tomato is from the lily family. To this family are potatoes, peppers, eggplants, but the poisonous belladonna and datura. For a long time they were not used for food ...

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