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Exterior Stone Siding
Manufactured stone is also called faux stone and can be used in exterior stone siding or for interior stone fireplace

Exterior Stone Siding with Manufactured Stone

The facade and appearance of a house is as important as the interior and furnishing. Exterior stone siding is used in the construction of single-family houses more and more often. Whether the choice will be natural stone or manufactured stone veneer, depends on the preferences. The design and exterior siding of the new houses is often done with stone. This brings the owner closer to nature, and the new and modern materials make it incredibly beautiful.

Manufactured stone is not an option only for exterior stone siding. It can also be used to shape the exterior of the yard, make a yard fence, a great pavement around the pool or to build a decorative wall. It also can be used to build very beautiful interior stone fireplace in your home.

The advantage of manufactured stone is that it is much lighter. It can be easily mounted on any surface without the need for additional reinforcement. The artificial stone is very easy to install because it is produced that it has a smooth surface suitable for bonding.

Another advantage is that faux veneer can successfully mimic rare stone types that you may not always find as natural. You have a much wider choice of design and you can create exterior stone siding of your house that mimics a rare natural stone that is almost inaccessible and therefore very expensive. The effect is always excellent. Modern technologies allow the creation of such manufactured stones that the difference with the natural ones is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. At the same time, they are made from environmentally friendly materials – high quality cement, light natural irrigants and high quality natural paints. Exterior stone siding with manufactured stone can become much more beautiful than natural ones, and also easier to apply in construction. Their production is always of such size that they can be successfully used for sidind and at the same time they are a complete copy of natural stones as a design and to a great extent also strength. The manufactured stone is three times lighter than the natural stone, making it much easier to work with. When doing exterior stone siding with manufactured stone, no additional reinforcement of the walls is necessary. It has a smooth-fitting side, which is easy to fix with a simple solution of cement and glue.

In addition, the manufactured stone is absolutely harmless. It should not be forgotten that sometimes some of the natural stones, depending on where they were harvested, could have a slight radiation background. With manufactured stone, we do not need to be interested in where the stone is taken from and whether it is completely ecological. It is always like that. This makes it completely save for interior use. You can build with it an amazing interior stone fireplace or even use it on the walls in kitchen, living room or even bedroom. The interior stone fireplace is a very popular solution for country houses and villas.

Finally, let’s sum up for those who hesitate: Manufactured stone is a modern material that is waterproof, ecological, light and easy to work with a high degree of strength and can successfully mimic the rarest natural stone you want you can not have.

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