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Transforming the old grass in the yard into green carpet

Beautiful yard and garden

Not so hard to make a beautiful green carpet in our yard. It requires little desire and work. First you need to mow the old grass when it is dry, collect the remnants of grass clippings and then brushing with a rake. Thus making the soil in your yard and garden available to seeds, water and fertilizer.

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Your fence can be beautiful and alive

There are over 500 species of evergreen and deciduous plants suitable for hedges

Hedge is a very good solution for fence of our yard because it is difficult to overcome by humans and animals. Very beautiful and can be shaped by artistic and original way. So give personality and great vision of the fence your yard and garden.

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How to make a decorative pond in the yard?

Decorative pond in the garden is like a mirror in your home

The idea to transform our yard in the most desirable and beautiful place, close to nature, appeals to most of us. Decorative pond in your garden is like a mirror in your home. We introduce a few simple steps and rules for building a pond in your yard.

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Persimmon – an original solution to the yard

Плодовете могат да се сушат или преработват в сладка и конфитюри

Pomegranate is a fruit that still look at it with a little bias because like the medlar-tree has a specific way of maturing. However, it is extremely valuable for health and cure many diseases. Furthermore, we can easily cultivate it in our yard and garden, and the tree it has many valuable qualities ...

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