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Beautiful yard and garden
We can have beautiful green carpet in front of our house

Transforming the old grass in the yard into green carpet

If for some reason we have neglected our yard and now we want to fix it and make it beautiful – it’s not that hard. Only desire and some work are required.

Where to start?

For starters, you need to mow old grass close to the ground and it is best to happen when it is dry. Then accurately collect all the debris after mowing the lawn. Then “brusg pu” the grass in two perpendicular directions with aerator paddle or a simple paddle. This will make the soil in the yard (garden) suitable for seeds, water and fertilizer.

To improve drainage of the soil for better root development of grass, it is good to aerate the places where depth is about 13-15 cm. This is important, especially if the soil consists mainly of clay. Aeration is actually a deep stabbing of the soil in order to improve drainage and natural air exchange. It also stimulates the natural regeneration ability of grass.

Precision tillage in the yard (garden) and good drainage are some of the most important conditions for creating a good lawn.

The next thing you need to do is to sow with new grass. Its green color lasts longer in periods of drought due to better rooting of the old sod. There is no limit on when exactly to do it – from early spring to late autumn. Appropriate grass mix, which contains healthy and fast-growing grasses that for a short time to germinate and cover exposed areas is important. Also, it is important to have enough moisture for good development of the seeds. If the yard is large and you don’t have irrigation system, the best will be to sow with drought resistant grasses.

Once we have chosen the seeds, proceed to actual sowing. The depth of planting to make sure that the seeds will germinate and grow is best to be about 1 cm. In deeper drilling, there is risk smaller seeds to perish and not germinate. This will disturb the desired density.

We bury the seeds with a paddle to avoid being removed from ants or become food for birds.

Watering of the yard (garden) should follow, which is very important until the seeds sprout, especially during the summer. Water is an essential condition if we want a beautiful green carpet in our yard – 70% of the grass is water. In newly seeded grasses, you need to keep the soil constantly moist until grass sod strengthens.

The beautiful garden needs also maintenance. Caring for him is a very important element.

Beautiful garden
Maintenance of grass in the yard is important

How to care for the lawn?

The grass in the yard (garden) should not only bewatered, but also mowed, of course. The first mowing should be done when the grass reaches 6.8 cm. There are some basic rule during mowing.  Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass. It should be done once per week.

It is best if watering happens in the morning or in the evening and you should try to make it look like rain.

Another concern for the grass is its nourishment. The more often lawn is mowed and used, the more often it needs nourishment. Lawn should be fertilized at least once in early spring, mid-summer and again in the fall. The fertilizer, used on the yard (garden) in early spring and mid-summer, should have a high nitrogen content that enhances the growth and color of the grass.

It should be noted that it is very suitable if you own waste water treatment plant to use treated water for irrigation, because it is very rich in nitrogen compounds. During the summer months when irrigation and mowing are more common, it is better to nurture with ammonium nitrate at a dose of 3 kg. / 100 m2 once a month. In the autumn to strengthen the grass in the yard against cold and diseases, the fertilizer must be rich in potassium. Winterize grass about 5 cm. in height.

Besides watering and feeding our green carpet needs protection from the impudent weeds. Weeds are typical for all lawns and should be treated with selective herbicides, because only 1 year old disappear when mowing. To have a clean grass in the yard, treatment should be done at least once a year. During dry periods, however herbicide will not be effective and can burn grass and it is important to choose the moment.

As a result of frequent mowing and natural dropping into the soil, a thin film of dried grass can form that prevents the access of water, nutrients and air and hampers the development of grass. It is good to brush the grass in two perpendicular directions, 2 times a year – spring and autumn with paddle. This will be enough to solve the problem.

Once a year prior to fertilize, it is good to aerate the yard with villa. This provides better access of air to the roots, which stimulates growth. Furthermore, it improves soil drainage and stimulate the natural regeneration ability of grass and hence our beautiful green carpet in the yard.






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