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Pregnancy and birth

Learning to control asthma during pregnancy

Asthma control during pregnancy

It is very important for pregnant women with asthma to be closely monitored. There is no evidence that maternal asthma can lead to congenital malformations in the baby, but there is a risk of premature birth, so pregnant women should be under constant surveillance.

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Sex of the child and what does it depend on

The issue of selection of the sex of the child is excited mankind for centuries. Methods as separate storage of electricity sperm at conception have stopped long ago to be relevant. Modern methods ranging from diagnosis on the sex of the embryo - a method with a 100% success rate to fractionation column ...

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Rh and incompatible pregnancy

Rh incompatible pregnancy can occur in Rh negative woman pregnant with Rh positive man. In these cases, if the fetus is in the affirmative, causing the so-called. immunization with maternal antibody formation. The risk of Rh immunization in Rh negative women with full-term first pregnancy is 16%.

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What factors play a role in pregnancy?

Many couples who fail to have children often ask the question: Why is that and what are the factors that play a role in pregnancy? To answer this question correctly, you need to consider some important facts about the physiology of the female and male body.

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What foods are suitable during pregnancy?

По време на бременност е от изключтелно значение жената да се храни пълноценно

The body of a pregnant woman need to receive vitamin-rich and varied food in order to feed a healthy, full-term child, while the woman herself and to stay healthy. The physiology of the child in the womb suggests that it takes from her body everything needed ...

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