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Easter decorations for our home
Easter decorations for our home

Easter decorations for home

Easter is a Christian holiday that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebration of Easter is full of traditions and customs. The holiday itself is preceded by Holy Week (the days of Christ’s suffering), during which people must fulfill certain Christian traditions. One of them is the painting of Easter eggs. According to custom, the oldest woman should paint the first egg, then you should give children the chance to enjoy the decoration of the other eggs. The eggs fight begins on Easter Sunday.

The fight with eggs and the announcement of “fighter” – the strongest egg is also a family tradition carried on Easter holiday.

It is believed that the rituals associated with eggs and decorating them, symbolize the birth of life. Historical data shows that the eggs were painted and gifted even in ancient civilizations – Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, China.

Jews have the custom when they want guests to wear host gift. When the guest was poor he was donating an egg. This custom was brought by Christians when Mary Magdalene went to the Roman emperor and gave him a red egg as a symbol of Christ’s blood.

Today christians paint and decorate eggs for Easter on Holy Thursday. The first egg is always painted in red as a symbol of the blood of Christ. The remaining eggs painted in your favorite colors, decorated with candle paint, small pictures or showing your imagination by creating various animals and men.

Easter decorationsBesides, eggs we love to decorate our entire home, making it more cozy and festive. Easter is celebrated three days, making it one of the most important holidays and the atmosphere at home is very important.

Easter decorations with eggsFor Easter table fold napkins in the form of a swan. To accomplish this: Fold the napkin in the middle of a triangle, press a finger and curl the two corners off,  inside the upper tip, fold the bottom tip upward to form the neck of a swan, fold the tip down and get a head.

Folding a napkin

Place the folded napkin in a tall glass of wine.

Folding a napkin

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