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A successful career and a happy family – difficult combination

No one will deny that it is particularly difficult to build a career when we have children.

Констатирано е, че повечето хора, които имат успешна кариера, често не могат да се реализират пълноценно в личните си отношения. По същия начин, по който учениците учат уроци в училище, на партньорите са необходими определени знания за изграждане на личния и семейния живот.Кариерата не трябва да пречи на семейството...

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Marital happiness – what is it and what does it depend?

И когато се съберат две такива щастливи души се получава щастливото семейство.

The happiness of man within him. There is no way a man to seek happiness outside ourselves - it is an internal feeling. And when put together two such happy people gets lucky semeystvo.Chesto justify our misery by external factors, but the truth is that man alone can control the process of happiness no matter what happens to him.

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Job Interview – leading questions

Въпроси при интервю за работа

In this direction, to get a feel for things of interest to them and to lull the attention of the interviewees, they often ask questions whose purpose is quite different from the first glance. Here are some such issues, according to experts cited by financial magazine Forbes.

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