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Rose oil – a bit neglected treasure

Roses and rose oil

Rose oil contains many substances with medicinal properties. Rose oil has a good effect on chronic allergies (especially respiratory), prevents the formation of gallstones, helps with liver damage. Rose oil is extracted from the petals of the rose by water vapor. It passes slowly through special stills. The white rose is rose oil extraction more ...

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Long hair with free falling curls

Long hair needs care, nurturing and often trim the edges

Според тенденциите за дамска мода, правата дълга коса отстъпва на красивите свободно падащи дълги къдрици, които правят жената красива и сексапилна. Трудно ли се поддържат и как можем да ги постигнем без да навредим на косата си

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Cosmetic recipe with chocolate

Chocolate can be used for many other things besides supplying delight the palate. For it is known that rejuvenates the skin and gives everything you need to look perfect. Dark chocolate is unsurpassed antioxidant and is extremely useful for the skin. Cocoa beans consists of ...

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