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Човекът с хоби постепенно става мъдър човек. Той има своя страст и свой смисъл
Човекът с хоби постепенно става мъдър човек. Той има своя страст и свой смисъл

Hobby for men – barrier against stress

Stress lately talk much. And with good reason. What really is stress?

In animals and in humans there is a complex physiological mechanism for bringing in a state of high alert to respond to unexpected changes in the environment and especially against those who pose a threat. Reported automatically begin to “speak substances”, nervous system goes into another mode. Stress is not a pathological condition, it reflects the mobility of a living organism, of his willingness to react spontaneously and thus the multiple stimuli. When the reaction is excessive in magnitude and duration, which does not correspond to the requirements of reality, talk already of distress. But STRESS concept has gained popularity in the sense of distress.

Example: “When crossing the street, hear brakes, stress and heart starts pounding, rush to the curb immediately.”

When distress is constant, even without reason, expect creaking of brakes and you are in an unnecessary state of high alert, which depletes the body. Our mechanical, dynamic present is full of stimuli, ranging from physical factors irritants / eg. Noise /. Add to that the constant rush, fear not to be late, do not miss the bus, meeting a chance. In this more general and comprehensive sense as a hobby activity, combined with positive emotions, built stereotype of occupation, is now one equilibrating factor, a relative permanence, an oasis that is opposed to haste and uncertainties. Even this is enough reason to psihohigienno recommended hobizma. The question arises: Why professional activity is not always sufficient?

First, because you have different, even contradictory internal inclinations and they must find a playing field. But hobizmat is relieved of the burden of compulsory from tension to succeed, to rise.

How a hobby is a barrier against stress and how it helps to overcome the increased neuroticism in modern man?

Above all, the creation of positive emotions in competition with negative usually prevail and overcome them.

This commitment to something voluntarily chosen places the individual permanent distance from neurotic daily clashes and a psychological trauma. The man with the hobby gradually became a wise man. He has his passion and his sense and does not want to waste your time and mood with unpleasant minutiae, i. E. He is already out of the conflict.

Another impact is the educational hobby. The nature, the behavior on the aesthetic taste.

For every human being need support, something solid on which to rely in its dynamic and not always an easy life. Many of our ups themselves perishable. Hobby is really a permanent support that soothes away from life’s troubles and satisfies. It creates a mood, brings happiness and makes it easier to solve insoluble problems. You create your hobbies and confidence. But anyone who wants to have such a need to find the most suitable for themselves. It should sincerely be open to the world and its wonders. Unadulterated curiosity and keen interest are powerful factors for orientation, the need for creativity is decisive and chance and the impact of the environment are suggestive of one or another object to one or other activity to this noble passion, which is called a hobby.

Many women resent because their partners devote too much attention to their hobby and sometimes choosing fishing over his girlfriend. According to psychologists, however, better man with a hobby than a man who does not care about anything.

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