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Long hair needs care, nurturing and often trim the edges
Long hair needs care, nurturing and often trim the edges

Long hair with free falling curls

It must be recognized that any long hair is wealth that can not be acquired easily and quickly. Hair grows normally around 1-2 cm per month and if we want to have long hair, we neet to have patience, care and perseverance. For those who have managed to achieve the desired length, this year offers many opportunities to feel feminine and sexy.

Long hair is a fortune for a woman, who is always in fashion. After several years in which straight hair was super modern, comes the time of the free falling and carefree curls that add incredible femininity.

To accomplish great and carefree curls,you can use bigger curling, but if you do it differently, they will look more natural. Be sure to use protector that will protect long hair styler. With styling cream then divide them and finally you can fix with a suitable spray.

If your long hair is a little dry or you have used too much hair dye in recent months, it is not appropriate to form curls with a curling. It is recommended to use a soft roll to hold back the hair by heat treatment. Never dry your hair with a hairdryer, especially if it is very long. It is its enemy.

Hairstyle 3
The use of a suitable conditioner is mandatory for long hair.

To have healthy and vibrant hair, you always dilute shampoo before using it. This way you will use less less quantity and protect it from cleaning it too much and drying the hair. Using a suitable conditioner is a must for women with long hair. Balm helps combing curls and nourishes hair.


Remember that thelong hair should be cropped as often as short. Frequent trimming the edges makes it more vibrant and stimulates growth.

We offer several variants of modern hairstyles suitable for each case, depending on your taste:

The combination of long hair with curls will be highly relevant this summer.

Long hair with curls
Regardless of the color you choose for your hair, curls are always beautiful

Any long hair is very fragile and prone to drying out in the summer and should be protected from strong sunlight. Use appropriate protective sprays, which moisturize and protect it.

Use appropriate protective sprays during the summer months

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