July 22 – August 22

SLOGAN– “I am” or “I want”
KEYWORD – power
COLOR OF THE SIGN– orange, yellow, blue
DAY – sunday
MINERALS– diamond, ruby, amber
METAL – gold
LUCKY NUMBERS – 1, 10, 19, 28
CRUTIAL YEARS – 19, 26, 33, 40, 47, etc every 7 years
MARRIAGE– Leo should proceed to marriage with maximum caution and prudence. Marriage is the most happy with Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini also. They get along with Aquarius and Libra too.
LOVE – honor, generosity, high positions, festivities, opulence, splendor, luxury, flattery, justice, male pride, sublime, prestige, drama
HATE – mediocrity, impairments, maimed, criticism, treachery, cowardice, intrigue, fraud
LEO’s strength is the external manifestation of feelings, great physical strength that allows them to impose
ADVICE – always act according to your conscience and forgive the shortcomings of others, even if you are disappointed
FATE – fame, celebrity

Leo in 2017

2017 will be controversial for most born under the sign of Leo. Some will reach the peak of their career this year or will become very famous, others expect them drop. It is possible to run with both within a year. You shouldn’t, however, be arrogant about the successes or failures of despair, because you can ruin everything which you fought for and worked last year. For you, excessive success and notoriety are dangerous and they can lead to changing your attitude towards others. That your weakness can cause a decline after great successes.

Leo in January 2017

The first month of 2017 will be very busy and a bit pessimistic. Fatigue will say its word in the second half of the month and it is even possible to get sick from the flu or a similar disease typical for winter. Your immune system needs to be strengthened, so think about better nutrition and rest.

Leo in February 2017

The work will begin to give results slowly and that will encourage you. You will feel full of energy, and some of you will be further stimulated by happy new love. Luck has started smiling at you, and that you will like. Remember that you should not be arrogant.

Leo in March 2017

Month full of many trips and a variety of experiences and meetings. Possible dating with many influential personalities in your industry. It is better to carefully consider your behavior this month in advance. Do not allow to lose old friends.

Leo in April 2017

You’ll enjoy a lot of attention from your loved ones. Possible new and unforgettable experiences in your love life. Trust your heart and enjoy strong and unique experiences, because the month will be magical for you.

Leo in May 2017

Pay more attention to your look. Beware of rash reactions. Freedom is awaiting you, which until recently you did not have and this will affect your behavior. If you are committed, do not let yourself be seduced, because you may be sorry for your actions.

Leo in June 2017

Do not neglect your friends, because they need you. Soon you may also need them. You will be surrounded by many people and can find new friends around you. You will feel confident and in good health. Possibly unwise to ignore or underestimate danger. Do not overdo the risks. Sharpen your attention. Do not trust people who you know little about.

Leo in July 2017

Serious problem await, that will make you think about a new beginning. You will freely express your feelings and you need true friends close to you. At the end of the month you can be tricked to join bad company. From acquaintance with these people, you will lose more than you will gain.

Leo in August 2017

You’ll need privacy and silence to think through your next steps. Possible errors and seek advice from older relatives or parents. Finally, however, decision is only yours.

Leo in September 2017

Be careful not to be used by clever people. The relationship with your partner will be very important to you, but it can be a source of disappointment and frustration. Because of strong your optimism and your frequent success, you can not possibly bear thwart your plans. You will embark on a new adventure, but without the learned valuable lessons from previous failures. Be careful with your blood pressure and liver.

Leo in October 2017

October will be a relatively quiet month. Tranquility will charge you with extraordinary inner strength and energy. Competitors will try to throw you off balance, but you will beat them. You will control the situation, but possible problems in love relationships.

Leo in November 2017

In November will again develop typical 2017 dynamics around you. Many people will seek help, but it is possible you have problems and need help. Carefully measure your contacts and who you trust. You may be cheated or miss and overlook an important element of the deal that will lead to losses thereafter.

Leo in December 2017

Throughout the month you will be waiting for the upcoming holidays. You will have tremendous energy to work, intense concentration and extraordinary course of action. It is better to use them. Meanwhile, desiring to surprise relatives with gifts, you will spend a lot of money and lose a lot of time in stores. This will somewhat exhaust you and could finally darken much anticipated holidays.

Classic Leo Horoscope

Leo are great, majestic and whimsical cats – their protector is not any other planet, but the Sun itself. They are masters of the jungle of the zodiac (or so they think).

The Leo is one of the strongest signs in the zodiac. Sometimes it is very difficult to be a Leo, but even more difficult is to remain a friend of Leo. It is humane and it is one of his strongest traits.

This sincere humanity brings sympathy and respect. Around him, everyone feels understood, reborn, helped. These are people of good will and alive feelings – hot, spontaneous, impulsive. Leo has great spiritual power. His actions were marked with the seal of his regal power, because they always act with surety and does not hold back to difficulties. Able to encourage others to action, always reserves the right to intervene if it considers it necessary. He runs better than anyone, and it did not bring any trouble because people respect him.

There are of course and weaknesses. First, it is prone to vanity, not a good psychologist, therefore he makes some mistakes. The most common of them is that when he reaches the peak of his career, his power can mislead him and turn him into a dictator. Since it is sincere, lion sometimes childishly naive and falls in numerous pitfalls because it considered that everyone is so honest with him. The positive thing is that he/she is not grieved by delusions and does not suffer.  The Leo knows no revenge but may show sudden anger at such a time is merciless. If control his anger, he easily forgives.

Power is much desired by Leo, but the more intelligent natures seek to use it for good.

Being friends with Leo, it is a big chance, but to stay a friend can be a big achivement. The Leo does not cease to love the people around him, but he is strongly attracted to new people. This is why many people consider it unfaithful. They simply do not understand its value system.

It should be remembered that for Leo’s today is everything, and tomorrow does not exist. This is true for both genders.

The lion and lioness love to live widely. They love opulence, luxury, expensive clothes, glamor. Even when traveling, they must languish in luxury. This is one of the motives that cause them to strive for high social status and to incorporate everything into action to achieve success in their work. Do not rely on coincidences: study, work, plan, organize. Have good intuition when and how to apply all your skills and achieve what you desire.

Most Leos are able to control their power and to overcome the difficulties. These are not people who surrender against the circumstances.

The only thing one Lion can not be – is to be mediocre. Representatives of this sign are endowed with typical king of animals dignity and uniqueness, strength and prominence. The overall luminance of the Leo is dazzling, associated with solar heat and power. He is optimistic and has inexhaustible energy.






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