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March 20 – April 19

ELEMENT – fire
SLOGAN– “I am”
KEYWORD – action
COLOR– red
DAY– thuesday
MINERAL– amethyst, topaz, diamond, onyx
METAL– iron
CRUCIAL YEARS – 4, 11, 18, 25, 32, etc. every 7 years
MARRIAGE– generally supplemented with Libra. Harmony with Leo and Sagittarius. Very good understanding with Twin and Aquarius.
LOVE– danger, risk, rapid decision leap forward
HATE– cowardice, insecurity, hesitation, intrigue, diplomacy
Their POWER comes from their dynamism and their faith
ADVICE – make sure you are consistent in what you do
FATE   Happiness will be a variable

Aries in 2017

Aries will be very successful this year. Many representatives of the sign will achieve great success and will enjoy financial returns. Those who will have success in love, in most cases will be disadvantaged in terms of work development and vice versa. But ….. there is no complete happiness. Generally, the year will be good without shocks nor professionally nor personally. There will be peace and balance in the life of the Aries. Something they are not used to.

Aries in January 2017

You will feel confident in yourself and this confidence will not be exaggerated. Your health and emotions will be stable. The time is right to take important steps which you have thought about for a long time, but you lacked the courage before. Act.

Aries in February 2017

It is possible to acquire property or inheritance during this period. It will be quite unexpected for you and this will make you happy. Take care of your family and do not ignore it, because this would disturb relations at home. Do not be too demanding of others. Nobody’s perfect, you too.

Aries in March 2017

Spring brings you only the good moments, but unfortunately you will not feel satisfied. Gripped by pessimism, you have difficulties enduring some circumstances, which does not depend on you. Get a grip and remember some basic wisdom you care about. Insight into their meaning and this will help you out of depression, in which you will find yourself. Life is good and all evil is for good!

Aries in April 2017

During this period you will experience a desire for power. You miss continuity of effort in one direction, more creativity or productivity in the financial sector. This month you will be quite distracted and your thoughts will be unrelated. Undoubtedly you will think revolutionary. It is likely for you to be anxious and to behave unusually. You will try to escape from reality by any means and may manifest vices of any kind. It is recommended to make a medical examination to prevent the development of diseases.

Aries in May 2017

Possible comprehensive and substantial life direction change for some Aries. Rich creative and productive ambition. You will rise and you will have power. You will have full control over your internal resources – emotional, physical and sometimes spiritual. You may be forced by economic interests to make restrictions on your profession, but you know that eventually you will achieve what you want. You will be in harmony with your partner.

Aries in June 2017

During this period you will be inclined to exaggerate and to be haughty, or to behave arrogantly. The plans seem feasible, try to be realistic and don’t act too victorius. Possible disagreements with people who you feel as your teachers. Be moderate and modest and you will not have problems. Your friend or loved one will move away from you, because you behave badly. Be careful not to lose him/her forever.

Aries in July 2017

You will strive for self-improvement and get recognition from superiors and admiration of the people who are your equal in status. For your partner you will be the perfect companion to any social event. However, you need to be careful. Try to diversify your intellectual work with other activities.

Aries in August 2017

During this month you will be overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude, love and satisfaction to the world around you. You will rediscover your spiritual home, you will give great importance to spirituality and it will be your driving force in this period.

Aries in September 2017

This month you will hardly restrain your feelings, you will feel like everything is served to you on a platter. It is important to realize that it is not always like this. Be careful not to be arrogant and not to behave arrogantly, because this will motivate people who want to cause you harm.

Aries in October 2017

You will be vigilant and will act methodically. Month of continuous personal development and triumph. The secret of success is to act calmly and rationally in any situation. You will be introspective, observant and analytical. Your partner will be disturbed by your indifference. Let them in your projects and show that your feelings have not changed.

Aries in November 2017

During this month is likely to reappear problems of the past. Quarrels, which are thought to be closed will reappear again. In relationships, avoid making inappropriate comparisons, it will not be well received by the other party. Family gathering will leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Aries in December 2017

You’ll have to confront your own inhibitions and restrictions as well as against those imposed on you by circumstances. Maybe you want to reject completely any restrictions and expand your sphere of activities, visit new places and do things you have not done so far. This month is also possible to change workplace or residence and disruption of relationships.

Classic Aries Horoscope

People born under this sign as a rule possess extraordinary character and are notable for their enterprise with a brilliance of mind. These spring natures feature a large memory, have one insight on tasks and responsibility. They work for truth and very quickly perceive wickedness of others. Once you have lost their confidence, you rarely will be able to regain it. Rarely feed hatred even to the staunchest enemies.

They are brilliant business people. Arbitrary, impatient, careless to give advice do the work for themselves and insist to fulfill completely their own way. If they are brought under control, they lose all interest in this kind of work. They are good at planning, but do not like to deal with pettiness. The people of this zodiac sign are eager to command and lead. They go boldly to the selected target. They do not allow any convictions to weaken their ambition. They possess surprising wit and sharp mind. Always ready with a response. As interlocutors, they have no match. Above all, they love freedom. Whatever they learn, they have the gift to explain and transmit to others.

Their main disadvantages are impatience, anger, complacency, stupid generosity, constant change of life goals. They are not vindictive, but forget very slowly. Еxalts themselves is another mistake that often prompts them to talk a lot about themselves and what they do. They tend to do thoughtless acts, to leave things unfinished, exaggeration, extremes.

Those born under the sign of Aries must cultivate a spirit of true love. They must learn to control their thought, to concentrate. The biggest strength is their thinking. Always willing to give advice, solace and find a way out of the impasse. These people love the continuous change, new, romantic, speculative. They have a fine ability to monitor. Impulsive and generous. Sometimes they lack the necessary discretion and diligence. Aries people are hunters who gained existence with physical force. They more than all the other signs have this aggressive adventurous life and energy. Usually arrive at the last minute not because they do not have enough time, but because they do not like to wait. Wait, that means doing nothing, but for them it is almost impossible.  Aries woman has more male qualities than other women. She is more active, bolder, more decisive, because usually it is successful precisely in this type of men who can not tolerate soft, quiet, more or less shy.

The best quality of Aries is courage, their ideal is achievement, their weapon – effort, their biggest victory is overcoming themselves.

Aries is impulsive, spontaneous, loves changes, dynamics and challenges. Aries is a person of action. It feels better in noisy environments, strong among others, often winning because of their obsession with dominance, but also whimsical. Often does not comply with other people and opinions. At the same time does not tolerate anyone to behave so with him – does not tolerate tyrants or advice, even friendly. Stubbornness is impatient and does not like to wait. His fiery nature has little to do with concepts such as strategic or waiting patience. Mars is warlike planet and did not give him peace. Red Planet is instilled special feeling about the red color. This is a favorite color of most representative of this sign. They prefer it for their cars, their hair (female Aries), wine, clothes, underwear, especially of their girlfriends (male Aries).

Both genders normally look good, take care of themselves and get older slower. They can of stubborn be vegetarians or to comply with some crazy system healthy life. They have the will and often succeed in most professional (and sexual) endeavors. Power intoxicate them and they decide that there are no more walls for drilling with their horns.

Aries is honest and good friend. It is not good idea to offend them – it is not healthy. They are protected by the god of war. And they know how to fight. Do not say you were not warned. It is not impossible to see flying saucers during a fight with Aries – it is very much possible – of course, not from Mars, but made of porcelain.








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