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Importance of family for toddler

In family the child gets its first knowledge of the outside world

The family is the first factor that influences the course of development. The beginning of the formation and development of the psyche of the child is placed in the family and family environment. The daily regime is one of the important conditions for proper neuro-psychological development of the child. The child's development ...

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Children, psychoactive substances and family role

Drug addicts are sick people and we need to look at them as such and try to help them

Everyone knows that legallly or illegally /even via Internet/, young person today can find hundreds of psychoactive substances with different chemical structures and properties.

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Important rules when your child’s works with computer

Our children spend much time at the computer. When the child is at the computer time flies imperceptibly and quickly, and long stay is not safe. There are certain rules that need to teach your child to make sure that the prolonged stay at the computer will seriously harm his health - for correct posture and not to damage the eyesight of our children

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Violence – a problem in society and family

The definition of violence says violence is any action damaging property or injury to person or animal. The child's upbringing and shaping his personality is a major factor in combating violence. Here of paramount importance is the family. The family can affect both positively and negatively.

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Television and our children

Деца гледат телевизия

Most children begin to stand in front of the TV very early hours, which gives a great impact on their neuro-psychological development and is accompanied by side effects such as sleep disturbances, nightmares and nervousness. Whims that often show children and their intensity can result ...

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Drawing – a favorite activity of children

Децата обичат да изразяват своите чувства като рисуват

Drawing is important for mental and physical development of the child. Furthermore, children form their imagination while painting. Drawing helps to aesthetic education of the child. According to psychologists every child expresses his vision of the world and its views of the surrounding environment.

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When a child exhibits stubbornness


"My kid is stubborn." These are words that often mothers say, but do not think that this applies not only for their child, but just typical behavior for their age and partly a consequence of the behavior of the parents. The child tries remind them that it is not simply obedient doll robot, and began to build as a person.

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My child exhibits aggression?

Many parents worry that their child is aggressive. They must be calm because aggression is a normal feature of the children's character as long as it does not go beyond the permissible. When the time your child learn to control it, aggressiveness can be a positive quality and become synonymous with ...

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