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Separate nutrition – diet or just a theory

Separate nutrition is not a good and long-term alternative to healthy eating

There are many and different views of specialists whether segregated nutrition is healthy and dietary. Separate nutrition is essentially the intake of protein food separately from carbohydrate food. It is important to know that separate eating is by no means an alternative to healthy eating.

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Fraudulent “Light” in artificial sweeteners

We often hear how harmful is sugar and how healthy life should be deprived of it. But sugar is a completely natural product. Of course, as with everything else - if you overdo it is dangerous to health.

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Raw food eating – the most ancient diet of mankind

специалистите от Световната здравна организация (СЗО) причислили суровоядството и вегетарианството към списъка с болести, чието лечение изисква намесата на психиатър.

Raw foodists believe that when you consume food in its raw form, except that eating healthy can cure incurable diseases until now. In sharp transition to raw food the body of a man who is not accustomed to the increased amount ...

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Wine – common beverage or miracle?

Виното си остава напитката на Боговете, но умерената му консумация е ключът към ползите му

Wine is a magical elixir that among other qualities possesses excellent dietary properties. The history of wine and winemaking is as old as civilization itself. Stories abound about how first discovered this delightful drink. One of them tells a mythical Persian king called Jamsheed.

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