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Деца гледат телевизия
Родителите трябва да контролират престоя пред телевизора на детето си

Television and our children

Children are introduced to the TV almost immediately after birth and it becomes part of their daily lives. This bright colored box from which come the sounds and images is one of the most colorful toys, but not tired of them and becomes more interesting.

Television is not a harmless children’s entertainment. It has been shown that children who linger longer in front of televisions are prone to obesity. Minutes and hours in front of it are invariably accompanied by sweets, crisps and lack of exercise is imminent. All this leads to slowing of metabolism in the body, disturbances in cardiovascular function and emotional stress affects the nervous system of the child. Often quite creepy characters from the animated children’s movies are the cause of children’s fears, nightmares or even neurosis.

Excessive standing in front of the child TV can lead to loss of sense of reality and hinders its development, especially its communication. It is true that on television the child can see many things that you can not show him in real life in such a short time, but it is very important how you perceive them, and we hardly give a real account of this. Misconception that sometimes the child gets what he saw may be more harmful than if indeed gone. Excessive information received in unreal fashion make kids distracted and sometimes violates their sleep.

Another reason to be careful about the length of stay of our child watching TV is electromagnetic radiation, which is an integral part of it as a unit. It affects the child’s immune system and can lead to fatigue, eye problems or headache.

More than clear that we need to limit the child standing in front of the TV, but how to proceed in order not to make it for him in something forbidden and even more desirable.

Above all, we must ensure that your TV at home is not constantly switched on. In most families there practice it to be something in the background and work permanently. So even a child to play with something else, constantly screaming attracted by advertisements and loud sounds. In no case should not have a TV in the room where the child sleeps.

We must try to build a kind of culture of watching TV at home. We are the ones who have to take a decision on what, when and how should her child. It should not only play TV and our duty to teach him this. TV is electrical and like all such devices not be touched by children. Such arguments must be and be inaccessible.

By two years of age is extremely harmful for children to watch TV and stand in front of the computer. Doctors are adamant on this issue. After that elderly to age 6 is permissible watching TV than 1-2 hours without harmful. Older students can now look longer, but with breaks and continuously.

Very important for the mental development of the child is to select movies and shows to watch it. They must be suitable for his age and parents to be confident that they are safe and will not affect his psyche.

Unfortunately having to select and children’s cartoons because of them there are some that are more harmful to children. Painted ugly monsters are able to disrupt sniffing comfort and sleeping child. Children can participate in the election by sharing their preferences, but the final decision should always be roditelya.Sled end of the selected broadcast is important to put out the TV to child knows that the time for watching is over and you need to focus to another occupation. On this issue, a dispute should not be allowed and parent to be relentless. This is important because a very important moment of Perception of received information from the child while he was watching TV. It must be drawn from it qualitatively and it is time to vazprieme.Dopalnitelno could he explain some things that are not understood.

Children’s programs are quite fascinating and desirable small TV fans, but can not replace the real experiences of the child in real life. Children learn about important subjects in ways that activate and develop all their senses. They should be able to touch, to feel, perceive them realno.Tova is extremely important for neuro-psychological development of young children that builds their ideas about the surrounding world and met with him.

And do not forget that a child is much more important to play more, to meet with friends to run and run outdoors.

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