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Dog tapeworm, stray dogs and our children

The place of the dogs is not on the streets and playgrounds

The problem with stray dogs, especially in larger cities is not new. We are still trying to solve it and without much of success, but many of us underestimate quite how dangerous it is for our children's health the uncontrolled coexistence on playgrounds and lawns of children and dogs. Let's mention a big danger - dog tapeworm /echinococcosis/. What is it and why is it so dangerous?

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Children masturbation – questions & answers

The reasons usually are different but are related to the emotional state of the child.

Pediatricians, psychologists and sexologists agree that masturbation in young children is normal. Normal in the sense that it is not a vice, not a deviation from the norm, not a disease.

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Hardening of toddler

What should I do to enable children to cope with climate change around them and grow healthy, lively and cheerful? If you want to protect your child from colds zabolyavanie, the best option is through hardening.

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Cat scratch disease

Уж безобидното одраскване от Вашето коте, може да създаде големи проблеми

Cat scratch disease is extremely rare most often ill children and young people. Possible or family groups. Disease is a subacute and in most cases resolve spontaneously. The disease is caused by a bite or scratch from a cat, the most common home. It is a bacterial infection.

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