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Електронните книги - заменят ли напълно хартиените томове в библиотеката?
Електронните книги - заменят ли напълно хартиените томове в библиотеката?

Ebooks – does they completely replace paper books in the library?

Obviously clear to every literate person, the whole experience and knowledge of humanity is stored in books. In this sense, the book is the most precious thing for human history and culture. The book is an indispensable element in contemporary human experience, whether he will be paper or other physical media.

With the advancement and development of the civilized world, e-book began to take a more secure position among readers. As a way of drawing, design and copyright protection, it is not much different than regular paper books. It also has a cover, editors and publishers and even ISBN, which protect the rights of the author.

If we perceive and imagine the e-book as a collection of works in the form of a PDF file, it is not. The electronic book is something else different. In it there is new material form, which is implemented through a technological environment. The function of this medium is to provide realization of a text in an electronic format. For throughs can serve: computer, mobile electronic device – reader, CD (DVD) drive and disk or a specific site on the Internet.

Why e-books are trying to replace our old paper friends? The truth is in the advancement of technology. If in the past to release a book, magazine or any other publication requires a lot of time, resources and energy, things changed. A whole industry of authors diayneri, editors and publishers were required to decide and issue a book and EGA in our time of high technology, an e-book can be published by anyone with a computer literacy.

Many of the creators of the e-book believe that, like radio, movies and television that made the revolution and e-book will become something new and progressive, unique way to share information and experiences.

The fact is that a book in digital form is able to give much more information than a printed version. Online edition allows for links to original sources, videos and the like, which enable contained therein information is further enriched. There is no way in reading the ordinary book to delve into its contents, as this can be done in e-book.

В Библиотека
Young people naturally prefer the advantages of electronic books

What will happen to books printed on paper and what is their future. Whether there is any such?

The timing of paper books is not gone and might not ever go away, because they have their advantages. They do not need electricity and the fact that we can read books written before 50-100 years, testified that the paper book is always a convertible instrument. They are easy and comfortable to read, much cheaper and easy to store without the need for additional raznoski.Vsashtnost a paper book can be read hundreds of times without any additional tools and resources, while the e-book can not be read without electricity and reader. Practically, in order to read an e-book than 500 people needed 500 readers +500 portions electricity as a paper book can be read by 500 people, passed down from person to person.

Just thinking how have developed computer technology over the last 20 years and can anticipate what will be an e-book after 20 years and will hardly even be fit for use. A paper book will remain the same forever and valuable friend of our children and further generations.

There is no way one can replace the other. And they both books will have their fans for at least several centuries.


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