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About the animals

Storks – a symbol of spring and new life

According to mythology, 'stork' is responsible for bringing babies. This story probably occurred because White Storks have a habit of nesting on chimneys in urban areas and therefore are often seen around human settlements.

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Attention tick – what should we do?

When spring and summer come, tick bite complains also start. A tick bite is very dangerous as it can lead to many serious diseases. There are many wrong and dangerous methods of extraction of tick. Most - the proper way of extraction of tick with tweezers or by hand, but always with gloves, as you try to grasp the tick as ...

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Cat scratch disease

Уж безобидното одраскване от Вашето коте, може да създаде големи проблеми

Cat scratch disease is extremely rare most often ill children and young people. Possible or family groups. Disease is a subacute and in most cases resolve spontaneously. The disease is caused by a bite or scratch from a cat, the most common home. It is a bacterial infection.

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