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The first wrinkles
We can postpone the appearance of the first wrinkles in time

Treat wrinkles with massage and chemical peels

Efforts to combat the traces that time leaves on our face must begin on time, because when the wrinkles are already in place, we are almost powerless and only cosmetic surgery works really efficiently, and it is not recommended.

The appearance of the first wrinkles is always taken with a certain sense of horror, especially for women. However, aging is a natural process that can only be slown down but not stopped completely. Our skin is actually the largest part of our body and its freshness and elasticity is in direct dependence on the function of all other systems in it and their harmonic work. From how we eat, live and treat our organs and our whole body, our appearance is very much alive, and the skin is what first emulates its condition.

As body ages in a very natural way, there are changes in the elasticity, smoothness and thickness of the skin, and this process could be delayed if we give our skin what it needs. Typically, the aging process starts even quite unobtrusively, but after age 25. Since that age, the fight of most women with the first wrinkles has begun, using all modern products of the cosmetics industry and visiting anti aging clinics, which offer modern medical aesthetics such as chemical peels.

However, whatever we do with your skin, it is not enough to delay the aging process and its consequences. Complex skin care is needed, which includes comprehensive health care, adequate daily fluids, and daily facial massage that can safely accompany the application of the cosmetic products we use and medical aesthetic procedures we go to such as chemical peels and botox injections. Excessive drying, dieting for weight loss, exposure to direct sunlight and untreated chronic diseases are the biggest enemies of the skin and no cosmetics or medical aesthetics can erase the traces they lead to. Therefore, the care of the facial skin should begin in a timely manner and all causes that may negatively affect its appearance must be eliminated in a timely manner. And this care depends entirely on us!

Of course, if the moment is missed and the skin is already neglected, it is never too late to take drastic measures and start visiting anti aging clinics, but you should always be careful who you trust and always go to well known clinics such as MDA Institute in Mississauga, Ontario.

Massage is a very effective remedy that is proven to help the skin get a good and fresh look and at the same time enables it to take the most effective cosmetics that we rely on to preserve its youthful appearance. Massage is the thing we need to create as a daily habit. It’s not hard to massage the face at home every day while we make our daily cream. The point is to do it properly and respecting the anatomical features of the person. Because faulty massage of the facial skin may have the opposite effect and instead of protecting it from the appearance of wrinkles, you can form them yourself.

How to make a daily skin massage on your face to prevent wrinkles?

There are two main principles for facial massage – patting and smoothing the skin.

Fingering the skin with your fingers


Touching the face skin
Light finger tipping is a very nice and useful procedure

Tapping is an extremely effective method of facial skin massage, because it improves its blood supply and nutrition. It is done with the fingertips that should be consistent, not all fingers at once. The technique is very easy and pleasant and a question of creating a habit that becomes part of the application of daytime or night cream. Once we have applied the cream, tapping the skin, we can help to efficiently absorb it into the skin while improving its receptivity. This peculiar drumming on the face’s skin also affects the nervous system very well.

Smoothing of the face skin when applying a cosmetic product

Directions for facial massage
Directions for skin smoothing when applying cream and massaging are of utmost importance

During the smoothing that we all do, when applying a cream on your face, it is very important to follow the exact directions that are beneficial to the skin. Smoothing prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles, improves the movement of the lymphs and the blood supply itself to the facial skin. Sweeping movements should be performed several times, strictly following the directions similar to performing a right-handed massage, the head should be turned slightly to the left and vice versa.

It is recommended that each application of a facial cream should be accompanied by a massage that begins and ends with smoothing. Daily facial massage may last for a long time depending on the condition of the skin and the cosmetic product being applied, but it should be at least 3-4 minutes. Making a habit of applying cream, along with facial skin massage, is important. This is not difficult at all, and the effect will be the postponement of the first wrinkles or the substantial smoothing of the existing ones. It is never too late to start a massage, because the effect is always noticeable.

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