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New trends in home interior – stone veneer and hardwood flooring

Just as in clothing and jewelry fashion, furniture and interiors (flooring, ceiling, walls, etc) also have trends that are constantly changing. So if we want to stay up-to-date, we need to keep track of them and when we do some repairs or redecoration at home, we should follow them. This will improve our self-esteem and the sense of coziness, synchronized with the time we live in.

Anyone who follows the fashion trends in general, also takes into account the trends in the interior and home design. Let’s look at some of the most important fashion trends in furnishings and interiors that will be favored in 2019 such as decorative ceilings, hardwood flooring and stone fireplaces or interior stone veneer in general

In terms of colors

The combination of bright contrasting colors with soft and neutral tones will be very relevant. Creamy, gray and beige will contrast with dark red and burgundy, royal blue and even indigo. The resulting combinations of warm and cold will add a huge personality to the home full of coziness and freshness. It is good if the furniture are in warm and soft tones, add more contrast on the walls, a nice hardwood flooring, and why not decorative ceilings.

Hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular in the house interior, especially in countries like Canada and Russia, where weather is very cold during the winters and it can be chilly even during the summers. A floor made of wood is always a better solution, because it keeps the room and the floor warm, even when the heating is off. Another part of the home interior that can keep the room warm is the stone fireplace.

Nice interior with fireplace

Interior Stone Veneer

Having stone elements in the interior will be very popular in 2019. Having in mind the modern trends to be close to the nature, installing interior stone veneer in your home will be the best possible solution. The natural stone veneer can be expensive, depending on what kind of stones is preferred for the home. If the decorator wants more rare kinds, then he will have to pay more for them, but it is an affordable solution, in general. If the budget can’t cover the real thing, manufactured stone veneer is always a good alternative. It is a lot cheaper and some specialists even recommend it over natural stone, because its properties, durability, price and wide choice.

Giving it a warm and comfortable feeling

When decoration a new home or giving a fresh look in an old apartment, it is important to give it warm and comfortable feeling, because after all, this will be a home – the place someone should feel good, save and comfortable. In order to achieve this, the interior elements need to be combines so that they match in style and have the necessary properties for the goal. So, a combination of a interior fireplace and hardwood flooring will be very popular in 2019. Especially if interior stone veneer is added to the walls and/or the fireplace. The stones will bring the owner closer to the nature and the fireplace and hardwood flooring will help with the cold feeling the stones might bring.

The trends in the design of our homes for 2019 will be quickly adopted and will remain lasting for the next few years, with only details such as accessories and their arrangement being changed. We can safely proceed to the renovation of our home in order to be modern, cozy and original.

This article was written with the help of materials from https://robarflooring.com/.



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