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Sunglasses for children
Protect your child's eyes

Sunglasses are mandatory

Sunglasses perceive in most cases as one of our summer accessories when we buy them, we mostly want them to be modern and match with our summer outfits. This is why we are not considering them to be mandatory for our children. But this is a mistake! As important the umbrella is for protecting the head of your child, sunglasses are even more important to protect his eyes from strong sunlight.

Sunglasses are primarily for protection of our eyes and we should see them as part of our clothing from, which our health very much depends on. They actually dress and protect our eyes, undoubtedly one of our most important organs.

Our eye is an exclusive and striking complex organ, so complex that surpasses even the most sophisticated equipment in the world.

To see, all parts the eye must exist and function simultaneously and most importantly – this needs to happen in absolute harmony. Our eyes are the most vulnerable organs and each of us must make it possible to maintain good eyesight into old age.

It is very important how we protect our eyes from harmful influences, proven to be such by medicine and science. Sunglasses are a proven way to protect them, but if we do not know how to select them, we will not only leave them unprotected, but we may cause them harm.

Sunglasses made of glass has the best optical properties, but they are quite heavy and impractical, especially for children, because they are dangerous and fragile. Polymer glasses are much lighter and optical performance is not inferior to the glass, but this does not apply to the cheap glasses made of acrylic, which you can buy in the $1 stores. The bad acrylic glasses that are easily scratched and perishable, can be  recognized primarily by their low price.

Sunglasses with high quality usually has the logo of the manufacturer on the frame, along with the number corresponding to the model. Usually, they are made of polycarbonate, which is more durable, resistant to heat and if mirror-finished better reflects infrared rays. Bigger the glasses, better the protection from sunlight. Glasses with large lenses are super modern now and offer good protection for the eyes, because they cover most of the face and do not miss virtually any ultraviolet rays.

The colors of the glasses is also important. Neutral greyscale is mostly preferred, since only softens the colors without changing them. Another type of glass, which also provide very good visibility are smoky glasses. They are usually dark at the top and light at the bottom and provide very good protection from the sun.

Pink, yellow and orange colors range are not suitable for sunglass lenses, because of the negative influence to the central nervous system. They-stimulated nervous system and according to doctors could lead to optical stress.

Green is also a good option, because it has a calming effect on the nervous system, does not tire the eyes, but also reduces eye pressure.

Sunglasses for kids
Keep your child’s eyes healthy

A warning to mothers of the small and vain ladies – pink or purple glasses are contraindicated for children.

The eyes of the children are very vulnerable and sensitive to UV and they need to be accustomed to wear sunglasses, when the sun is strong.

Research in recent years have found that UV rays are dangerous for children’s eyes and prolonged exposure during high energy light rays in childhood can lead to age-related macular degeneration. It is therefore important to choose their children’s glasses, which they like and be comfortable wearing them. If sunglasses are lightweight, plastic frames and the child feels comfortable with them, he will gladly take them anywhere when it’s sunny. It is also important, that the sunglasses are hypoallergenic. The material they are made of must also be resistant to breakage, because children are children and can not protect themselves as adults.

For kids sunglasses are important protection not only from the sun’s harmful influences, but from dust and other irritants such as water or snow glare.

It is mandatory thet children’s sunglasses are produced with 100% UV protection up to 360 nm spectrum of light. It is preferable for the full protection of children’s eyes to choose darker sunglasses and 100% UV protection up to 400 nm. Especially for young children, you need to buy them from a optic shop, because these stores usually have a device for testing protection against UV rays.





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