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The use of vitamins without prescription for prevention purposes can lead to Hypervitaminosis
The use of vitamins without prescription for prevention purposes can lead to Hypervitaminosis

Vitamins sometimes can be harmful

Uncontrolled use of vitamins that are available freely in pharmacies is a fact and when we do it, we’re sure it’s healthy. Even mothers of young children constantly give children a variety of vitamins, shared and recommended at the playground between them. And we all think it is healthy and strengthens the immune system. There is still a belief that all vitamins are completely harmless. This is a mistake and the fact is that taking vitamins can sometimes be very harmful and dangerous.

The use of vitamins without prescription for preventive treatment can lead to Hypervitaminosis. Hypervitaminosis is a kind of toxic condition – poisoning of the body.

It can be acute or chronic, depending on periods on which the big are doses of vitamins were administered – shorter or longer. Some vitamins improper use can even be poisonous.

Most pronounced toxic effect have the D group vitamins. Pathological impact and severity of poisoning depends not only on the quantity of the vitamin, but also from individual sensitivity. In some people even ordinary doses of vitamin D causes pathological reaction.

When D – hypervitaminosis suddenly increases calcium in the blood, which leads to the accumulation of salts in the tissues of the heart, kidney, lungs, stomach wall, and sometimes in the cornea. It can also affect the nervous system.

The use of high doses of vitamin A can cause severe illness. Severe headache, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting can appear.

Acute A-hypervitaminosis in infants occurs 12 hours after the administration of large doses of vitamin A. Chronic form of children is characterized by increased irritability, loss of appetite, hair loss. Skin rash appears and it cracks. His lips began to bleed. A – hyper causes a deficiency of vitamin C in the body and therefore even signs of scurvy appear.

Vitamin B12 should be taken only with curative intent on prescription and monitoring. Sometimes the scope of this vitamin increase erythrocytes and leucocytes, accelerates the reaction of precipitation of erythrocytes. In some cases allergic manifestations are also observed. B12 should be given very carefully to patients with Ischemic heart disease.

Taking large doses of synthetic vitamin C from pregnant women can also have a toxic effect.

We should not forget that our body is not a pharmacy and use of synthetic vitamins as well as any other medications should be done only on the advice of a physician.

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