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Valentine’s day in hearts and love

We love holidays! Christian or Catholic, when linked to gifts and wonderful experiences, holidays are for all of us.  Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful holidays, because it is dedicated to the most precious sense – Love.

The date is February 14, and the tradition is from the XIV century. On this day of the year, the whole world is marked with symbols of love – hearts, cupids and flowers. And almost everything is in red, reminding us about Christmas and its feverish exchange of gifts.

Legend says:

Valentine was a priest and healer, who lived in ancient Rome. He himself cooked drugs so that they have a sweet taste to relieve pain with a pleasant feeling. He was adding to the bitter potions milk and honey, and sometimes wine. He was washing wounds with herbs and cared for the sick with great love.

In these times Rome waged many wars and losing their soldiers. Emperor Claudius II banned all weddings, because they thought that the love of the soldiers to their families causes the failures of his army. Despite the ban priest Valentine secretly continued to marry couples.

A prison guard found out about the capabilities of the priest and brought his daughter to see him. She was completely blind, but incredibly beautiful. The warden asked Valentine to cure her, because the girl strongly believed in his abilities. Blindness was incurable and the priest knew that, but gave medicine to the beautiful girl. The girl was so beautiful that Valentine fell in love with her. He swore that he would do everything possible to heal her.

Day after day he prepared many potions and ointments, hoping that he will achieve a result and his love for the beautiful girl became increasingly stronger.

When he learned about the secret weddings of the priest, Emperor Claudius II, ordered Valentine to be arrested and sentenced to death. One day the emperor’s soldiers raided his home and destroyed all of his medicines, and locked the priest in prison. He could no longer care for his beloved, and he knew that he would soon die. Even the warden who believed in him could not help him. The love for the young girl and his inability to care for, her burned him from inside.

Sensing that he will soon be dead, Valentin decided to write her farewell letter, which he gave to the girl’s father.

On February 14, 270 after he wrote his last love letter, Valentine was executed. The warden took the letter and gave it to his daughter.  When she opened it, there was a yellow crocus in it.

The girl put the flower on her hand to be able to feel it ……… and then a miracle happened. Suddenly, she regained her vision and she saw the beautiful crocus in her hand. The legend was passed by word of mouth more than 200 years. In 496 ,the Roman Pope Helasius declared a saint Valentine’s Day on February 14 .

Since then, on this day people sent their love letters to their beloved and believe in their magical powers.

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