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Roses and rose oil
Kilogram of rose oil costs two and a half times more than a kilo of pure gold.

Rose oil – a bit neglected treasure

It is a fact that the Rose is the queen of flowers. Amazingly gentle and fragrance, this beautiful flowers is admired by thousands of people. There is a legend that rosebush emerged from sea foam along with the goddess of beauty and love – Aphrodite.

Rose oil is an extremely valuable product that is used in perfumery and medicine. It is extracted from the petals of a rose by water vapor that slowly passes through special stills. In these stills the liquid gold passes through and is precipitated in the form of oil droplets on the water. Cooler oil droplets are collected with special spoons in glass containers, which are kept in the dark.

There are several types of roses, but the world famous Damascena rose is a variety from which rose oil is mainly yields from. Second in importance is the white rose that almost disappeared. In recent years, hard work on the breeding program to create a variety of white rose oil with high and balanced composition of essential oil.

Basically rose can be grown on one place for 20-40 years as a perennial shrub. It begins flourishing in mid-May to mid-June. Recently, there is a lot of talk about biodynamic farming. Biodynamic production is related to the cycles of the moon and attract cosmic energy to plants.

The white rose gives more rose oil and its flavor is invaluable and serves for hamuring (mixing oils of the same type but with different origins, in order to enhance products with certain qualities). It takes three tons of red or six tons of white to obtaine about 1 liter aromatic liquid. Kilogram of rose oil costs two and a half times more than a kilo of pure gold.

This expensive liquid is used and appreciated throughout the world.

Perfumes of the world famous fashion brands are based on rose. Among them are Miss Diorchérie Christian Dior, Paris-Premières Roses Yves Saint Laurent, Very Irrésistible Rose Centifolia du Maroc 2009 by Givenchy.

Rose oil contains many substances that have medicinal properties. It has a good effect on chronic allergies (especially respiratory), prevents the formation of gallstones, helps with liver damage. There are products made of pink oil, which respond extremely well to bronchial asthma, and especially in the cases in which is difficult to treat otherwise.

Today, aromatherapy is an essential part of natural medicine. Aromatherapy is a natural method to alleviate or eliminate a lot of suffering. The priceless fragrance of rose oil regains overall balance of the body, regulates blood circulation, maintain concentration, normalizes mental state and confidence.

You should know, however, that rose oil can be taken pure, because it is very much active. Even a drop of it can burn the skin if it comes into direct contact with it.

It must be combined with a probiotic for therapeutic purposes. Probiotics are live cells lactobacillus bulgaricus that neutralize decay processes in the body and stimulate the immune system. Their healing effect is combined with that of the rose oil.

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