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Hardening of toddler

Our children often suffer and this is a huge problem that we can not deal with. We do not look for what prophylaxis with vitamins, homeopathic remedies and whatnot.

The best prevention against colds But childhood is hardening of children. It should include a system of procedures to be carried out regularly and it is best to start from the very birth of the child. Hardening is achieved not only with the application of special quenching procedures / air bath, rubbing, pouring / but with the respect of common quenching mode. It includes frequent walks out / whatever the season / maintain adequate air temperature in the house and properly dressing the child.

What are the main principles in the conduct of quenching procedures?

The air temperature in the room in which the child should be about 20 degrees, such as when a child is sleeping can be lower, but not lower than 16 degrees.

Often displaying child and airing out the rooms – daily walks outdoors are very important element of annealing mode child.

Suitable clothing – the most suitable for children are the clothes made of natural materialswool and cotton. The garment must provide warmth and freedom of movement to stay cool and not sensitization.

Quenching procedures are carried out under a special regime:

Air baths – these are usually minor procedures and hardening begins with them. Suitable for all ages and can be carried out in all seasons. In the early days the child is partially undress, and after 3-4 treatments can be left only in shorts. The air temperature should be 22-23 degrees. The first air baths still 4-5 minutes. In 3-4 days stay increases, up to 20-25 minutes for smaller and up to 30 minutes for larger children. During air baths kids have to deal with games that are moderate mobility. Do not run too much.

Water quenching procedures – they are a powerful tool for impact. Good tempering them to start in early summer and continue through the rest of the year .Zakalitelnite water treatments are:

partial and total rub – performed with a cloth moistened with water, again with the temperature of the body, and later progressively with tepid water by 4-5 days in the water temperature is reduced by 1 degree and 15 degrees is achieved. Rub is made from the circumference of the limb to the body. Then rub, which can only be of limbs or the entire body child wipe well with a dry towel and dress. After the procedure, it’s nice jogging around the room or yard.

partial and total pouring – a strong hardening deystvie.Zapochva by pouring legs and after 1-2 weeks passes to pouring the whole body. Initially, the water temperature should be 35-36 degrees. Gradually, the water temperature is reduced by 1 degree over 4-5 days to reach pouring water whose temperature is 24-25 degrees. Children prepared with pouring and rubbing can easily be exposed to a highly effective water treatments, such as wading in a shallow pool, bathing in the river or sea.

bathing in the pool – especially younger children should have prior training body

bathing in a river or sea- this is the final stage of tempering with water quenching procedures where it is considered that the child is now tempered and prepared to bathe in the sea or particularly in river

Tempering with the sun – the sun’s rays are very useful in the correct dosage. The best time for child exposure to the sun is 8 to 11 hours before lunch. Sun exposure should begin 5 minutes stay gradually increased to 30 minutes, and the occurrence of sufficient tan can be extended to 1 hour. The child must be protected empowered with bright sun hat. After sunbathing very well act drenching with water and bathing in the sea.

When sunbathing should monitor the reactions of the child. In restlessness, worsening of sleep, decreased appetite, procedures should be suspended for several days.

Hardening of the child is very important, but it must also comply with the diet. Usually procedures should be conducted approximately 1 hour before or after a meal.

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