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New Fashion – hybrid home heating

The hybrid heating system is a new fashion, which increasingly often written in newspapers and magazines. The hybrid heating system operates economically, efficiently and environmentally. Many property owners are confused with so many different heating systems that, in fact, are well below the hybrid heating, as reported by German site -News und Trends zur Gebäudetechnik.

As demonstrated by a recent study of 1,000 respondents property owners last year, 19% renew their heating systems according to the new trends and what kind of heating system is the best for their property.

The hybrid heating system sounds complicated, but the only thing given that combine more than one heat. A hybrid heating system always needs to be the main source of heat, this may be a boiler which is fed with solid fuel, gas or by a heat pump.
The boilers are the first choice of many people. In replacement of boilers person can choose between an older model boilers or condensing boilers, which save up to 30% of energy for heating radiators or underfloor heating, as well as the use of more modern fan converters.

A hybrid heating system is combined with the main source of heat and other heat sources that are available. Energy can be gained by both solar panels and fireplace. Important in hybrid heating has a buffer vessel. Heat is available only when it needs it. When solar panels are used that at noon the sun shines and provides ample warmth of solar panels. This heat must be stored in the buffer vessel, for periods in which the sun is less. This is called a buffer memory. In the late hours of the day when the sun is low, it can use the stored hot water from a so-called solar tank.

Who wants to acquire a hybrid heating in your home should know that hybrid heating takes up much more space than a boiler.

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