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Виното си остава напитката на Боговете, но умерената му консумация е ключът към ползите му
Виното си остава напитката на Боговете, но умерената му консумация е ключът към ползите му

Wine – common beverage or miracle?

Wine is a magical elixir that among other qualities possesses excellent dietary properties.

The history of wine and winemaking is as old as civilization itself. Stories abound about how first discovered this delightful drink. One of them tells a mythical Persian king called Jamsheed. In his yard, the grapes were stored in jars for consumption off-season. One jar was thrown out because the juice had lost its sweetness and was considered poisonous. And one of the women of the royal harem was suffering from severe headaches and tried to take his life with so-called poison. She fell asleep and after waking, headache was gone and she felt refreshed. She told anyone what she had done and miraculous cure, and then immediately “a large amount of wine was made and Jamsheed and his court have drunk of the new drink”. And that’s it in a nutshell. Someone, somewhere in Asia Minor, probably in the territory of modern Anatolia or Georgia, grapes are stored in large vessels, the grapes are pressed by its own weight. The resulting juice began to ferment and so discovered an unknown beverage pleasure of untold numbers of people. Great civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome were traced back prehistory of wine with similar legends about his discovery. Ancient Egypt has left us today wine lists and mural painting; indeed they even recorded on jars harvest, vineyard and winemaker. Babylonians introduced laws to regulate the functioning of markets for wine.

According to nutritionists moderate wine consumption increases the content of “good” cholesterol and reduce the content of “bad”. Attenuate the trend towards contraction of the arteries under stress. Remove blood pressure. Increases the diameter of blood vessels. The alcohol in the wine as well as its other components (mainly phenols) promote the dissolution of plaque and fatty deposits and have a particularly favorable effect on the body as antioxidants.

To benefit from it, however, the wine should be used sparingly. Exact figures vary according to individual characteristics – gender, age, height, weight, etc. Modern scholars believe that the rate of use of wine is from 1 to 3 cups, exams during the meal. For men the daily amount should not exceed 300-350 ml for women – 150ml.

Consumed moderate amounts of wine may increase good cholesterol and to dilute the blood, which is considered a major advantage in those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Phytochemicals contained in wine, such as resveratrol and flavonoids, act as antioxidants and protect the body from free radicals. Resveratrol prevents arteries from the accumulation of plaque and blood clots by altering the lipid profile and plasma viscosity.
Red wine provides more resveratrol compared to white as the peel of red grapes are retained for a longer period during the manufacturing process. In the manufacture of white wine, the sheath is removed before the fermentation, thus reducing the concentration of resveratrol. Wines from colder climates are characterized by a high content of resveratrol. In the end it turns out that red wine coming from the cold climate is most concentrated resveratrol content.

According to scientific studies at the University of Pittsburgh red wine protects us from radiation. Resviratrolat combined with chemical acetyl and consumed before radioatsionno broadcast protects us and our cells fatal.

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