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Avocado in a pot at home

For lovers of exotic plants, we will say that avocados can be grown at home in a pot. It takes a lot of patience if we decide that we want to raise avocados at home, but it is worthed.

Here’s how to proceed if you want to add avocado to your collection of pot plants:

You need pit from fresh slitted avocado. Once it is well cleaned of debris from the fruit, it is placed with the pointed part up over a deep dish with water. If you put it for a few minutes in water, cleaning will be easier and avoids the risk of violating the integrity of the pit.

The placement should be such that the curved portion slightly touches the water. You can use toothpicks, but first use an needle to make small holes in the pit, where the picks need to be insertes.

Once properly adjusted above the water surface, pit is left and sometimes it takes months for the roots to appear. During these months, you need to replace the water once a week and provide sun on the future plant.

If the container you use is made of glass, you will be able to see how it changes its color, bursts its shell and roots appear. In parallel, from top appears thin stem, which is leafing through. It takes time for the roots to get attached, so do not rush to planting in a pot. Only when the stem reaches 8-10 cm, it can be said that it is ready for planting.

Select a suitable pot of 25- 30 cm. in diameter (input correct diameter) and fill it with humus-rich soil. Select the sunniest place in the home and place the plant so that the stem is above the soil. Water it regularly, but be careful not to overdo it. If the leaves begin to turn yellow, stop for a few days to allow excess moisture to evaporate and the plant to recover.

So future potted tree only needs sun and water until about 50 cm. So now it is better to trim the tips to be able to be branched and to shape a rich crown. This pruning tips can be performed periodically until the tree becomes shapely and beautiful.

And the question arises: Will there be any fruits to bear?

The answer is somewhat relative. It is not excluded but is unlikely … If  it happens at all, it will probably take years. This should not discourage you from growing this exotic plant at home and enjoy its beauty.

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