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И когато се съберат две такива щастливи души се получава щастливото семейство.
И когато се съберат две такива щастливи души се получава щастливото семейство.

Marital happiness – what is it and what does it depend?

The beauty of the wedding, love promises rapt admiring glances of friends make us feel secure and satisfied with the belief that things will develop well by itself. Somehow almost every other sphere of life we ​​know that it takes effort, time and finances. Invest years of their lives in their education and career development. We realize that our health requires care, adequate nutrition and sports, but when it comes to marriage, we think it is something evolving itself.

Sooner or later each of us came to the conclusion that marriage requires care, time, candid conversations and attention. Only love is not enough and needed skills for which only school was life itself. Saying “YES” for family life, each of us dreams of marital happiness, believe in it and strive to achieve it. What is actually the family happiness and how to achieve it?

The happiness of man within him. There is no way a man to seek happiness outside ourselves – it is an internal feeling. And when put together two such happy people received the happy family. Often we justify our misery by external factors, but the truth is that man alone can control the process of happiness no matter what happens to him.

Here are some tips for achieving marital happiness:

1. Get to know and try to understand the marriage as an institution – it is an opportunity and decision of two people to learn to love truly; to compromise for the sake of unity; to take responsibility for children; and last but not least – be true friends for life.

2. Realize that your partner has a unique personality – he / she is a separate, free people is normal to be different and with their interests. Men and women need to see with friends separately, have different hobbies, exercise, etc. Of course, it is necessary that this be done by sharing in the family with a lot of confidence and honesty.

3. Say goodbye to bachelor habits – you already have a team. Teamwork is an important element of family relationships. Many men decide to get married at a mature age already acquired ‘permanent’ habits, from which they abandoned. But if men want a successful marriage, you have to make some compromises and take responsibility for current or future family. For women is also very important to understand their role in the home, regardless of age and coming career, we also observed a trend of late marriage. Otherwise, the marriage could be the worst thing for both.

4. Create your own, your family traditions – it is essential that each family to realize that is completely separate entity from relatives and not to allow their control. Many families fall apart because of the influence of parents on either side. Traditions that do not contribute to unity in the family, not good.

5. Be prepared for severe and unforeseen circumstances – will sooner or later emerge and must overcome them together. They often lead to disturbances in marriage / unplanned baby, incurable disease, death, etc. / and not in our list of dreams. Both partners have to decide that they will not surrender, whatever happens in the life to come. Sometimes it can be kind of small things and inconsistencies desires / eg dispute furniture, ways of entertainment / husband and wife. Again decision is required to both leave old things and adapt to the real situation, even at the cost of a trade-off.

6. The education of children – children should be part of your team, do not forget it to become so dependent on vas.Vazhno is to never argue on the subject of their upbringing to tyah.Te should know that you are a team and want to become part of your team.

Dreams are a wonderful thing, but if you do not enroll, do not plan their execution and there is no real preparation for them, they quickly and easily crumble. Romantic feelings are very important and need to burn again and again throughout life, but only superficial, fun relationship would not withstand the difficulties that we all know that inevitably come to a marriage.

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