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The definition of violence says violence is any action damaging property or injury to person or animal. The child's upbringing and shaping his personality is a major factor in combating violence. Here of paramount importance is the family. The family can affect both positively and negatively.

Violence – a problem in society and family

Very painful problem in our society in recent years is violence. It occurs in children between the school and the street, but unfortunately in the family. Event information violence constantly receive both the media and continuously in real life.

Often in the games our children includes an element of violence and action movies we watch on television straight swarming with violence.

Definition of violence

Any action that hurts people or animals or damaging property is considered violence. It affects everyone. In addition abusers and victims, violence affects those who know about it and appear indifferent witnesses.

What causes violence?

Usually they are different and not quite simple:

  • Desire for revenge – revenge is typical feature of the human psyche. Overwhelming desire not to stay “obliged” to someone who had caused something unpleasant, often led to violence. It’s kind of dispensation of justice, which can not be acceptable, because it is outside the law.
  • Emotional problems – often people with low self-esteem or desire for power carry out acts of violence on smaller and weaker in order to feel strong, to prove themselves.
  • Factor role – a role model are generally strong “heroes” who are showing an vlastnost and admiration in weaker and usually emotionally dependent personalities.
  • Violence resulting from violence – usually abuser before time was also a victim. Parents who exhibit violence against children, especially for the purpose of education should know that the method is wrong, because children accept violence as a normal life. Subsequently, they also often resorted to violence, because it is a model of communication that know.
  • Boredom and lack of interest – idleness often resulted in violence. Thus, simply because they have no other work and for entertainment, some people resort to violence. So enter in school bands, which then difficult to leave.
  • Temper character – there are people who suddenly react sharply and nekontriliruemo of various factors. They can not control their anger and show aggression, then often regret.
  • Alcohol and drugs – they affect the human psyche and interfere to control lead to reckless actions and aggression.

How can we stop the violence in our lives?

Education and formation of the child as a person is a very important factor. Paramount importance to him is the family. His role is huge because it may well have a positive impact on the child, so may have a negative impact on it. Example of the role is mainly in the family environment and the child develops and grows into it.

Bad relationship between parents, alcoholism or drug addiction of one of them, the lack of love and attention to the child or divorce – these are the main reasons that may cause unlocking of aggression and violence in a child.

In some cases, over-ambitious parents and excessive demands on children’s constant prohibit this or that, without explain why, limiting the autonomy of the child, also can cause aggressive behavior.

Parents need to know that their personal example is the absolute foundation for the education of their children. Children’s psyche is fragile and very vulnerable and any manifestation of their side of the blazer, neglect or indifference to the interests of the child and his emotions can lead to permanent consequences in his character, and later to manifest some form of violence. The child needs love and attention it needs security and support. If you do not receive it, and instead is subjected to war and physical punishment, pain and aggression, it can not but lead to permanent consequences in his psyche. Lack of parental love and care traumatize the child psyche and have an impact on his intellectual and physical development as a person.

Such children partly offset the shortage of parental care and interest, and physical violence on children who have loving parents and everything else you miss them. It is possible in an effort to compensate for the lack of parental love this type of children become victims of pedophiles, and this is another factor which subsequently triggers violence in them.

Besides preventative measures against violence through proper education of our children, another important measure is lawful punishment of anyone who dared to show violence against another person, animal or other type of form. No violence must not go unpunished, because impunity is a major factor that supports this process in our society.

If for some reason started to conquer our desire to exercise violence, can we stop it ourselves?

Yes, we can if:

  • We know the problem of violence since early childhood to take it as something bad and unacceptable;
  • Always put ourselves in the place of those on which coercion and try to understand what they feel;
  • We learn to control their anger when we are angry;
  • We understand that we have full responsibility for their own actions and they will not go unpunished;
  • We realize that alcohol prevents us from fully control and focus on their actions.

It should not be forgotten that “Violence generates violence” and therefore each offender must be aware of the consequences of their actions on the victims, especially when they are children.



Насилие на родителите над децата им
Violence generates violence!


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