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специалистите от Световната здравна организация (СЗО) причислили суровоядството и вегетарианството към списъка с болести, чието лечение изисква намесата на психиатър.
Суровоядството не е за всеки, а диетологията е сложна наука.

Raw food eating – the most ancient diet of mankind

Recently a new trend in nutrition is increasingly gaining popularity. It’s about eating exclusively raw foods or called. raw food. Of course it is primarily a plant food with the only permitted heat treatment is drying the product at a temperature of about 45-50 degrees in order to preserve the vitamins and trace elements in them.

Raw foodists believe that eating food in its raw form, except that eating healthy can cure incurable diseases until now.

Is this true and how healthy raw food really is?

Raw food really is the most ancient diet of humanity, but do not forget that the human individual has gone through centuries of evolution from the time when he ate mostly raw food. This fact should cause us to question whether modern man, urban person is able so suddenly to return to the ancient diet smoothly in your body.

In sharp transition to raw food the body of a man who is not accustomed to the increased amount of fiber in the diet may experience gastrointestinal disorders – swelling, discomfort, diarrhea. No normal person in that his digestive system can brave a rough legumes example, even be pre-soaked for a long time and treated with various spices. Right before we put to boil the beans / which lasts about 1-2 hours / we advance it steeping.

People who have digestive problems, those who suffer from colitis or gastritis are unable to accept cellulosic foods that are difficult to digest such as beans, cabbage, peas and more.

Some raw food can harm the liver and bile. A black radish example, black radish may cause spasm, because there zhlachegonno action, in people with gallstone disease that is dangerous. Raw food is not for everyone, but nutritional science is complex science. Man, if he decides to try to go to this way of eating, you must first undergo a review under gastroenterologist to make sure that it is completely healthy and this kind of diet will not unlock zabolyavane.Hranosmilatelnata his system must be in excellent form shape to take such a load. Any abrupt transition to new, in this case a drastic diet is associated with some risks. According to specialist doctors need at least a third of the food we eat, to food, processed because many foods are unsuitable for raw food. Difficult modern man, accustomed to urban lifestyle can go completely to raw food.
Can not eat raw meat, drink raw milk or eat raw eggs. In the new civilized, full of modern supermarkets and semifinished world, there is no easy access to these foods. All foods in it reach the man largely processed. So unless your diet in order to move towards adopting a raw food, one must completely changes your life. Few people are ready to do that.

It must be borne in mind that not everyone can practice raw food. Much depends on the genotype of the individual and the genetic program that is set. There are people who easily tolerate no animal products in your diet, but others can not live without meat. Suitable for practicing raw food people tend to vegetarianism. Usually this is the first step of this type of people – to become vegetarians, and later switch to raw food. For those people, however, you need a well-established varied diet to be complete in content, but it is not easy to implement. To be healthy person he needs some very important vitamins and minerals contained only in animal products. These include iron, vitamin B12 and sulfur. Will inevitably be developed deficiency of these elements if a person has long been subjected to this type of diet, and that there is no way not to affect his health. These elements are key to healthy eating.

Raw food – it is a regime that should be used sparingly, to measure and, where possible. Everything is good within certain limits.

Steamed, for example, is a very elegant way with minimal heat treatment to maintain maximum nutritional value of products. Steaming is a guarantee that a bridge between the modern diet and raw food. It is strongly recommended by dietitians.

Little late to go back as far back to ancient times!

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