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Active rest is the best!
Active rest is the best!

Do we know how to relax qualitatively?

Everyone knows how imminent a big deal or responsibility increases the tension in us, sometimes to the limits of bearable. Attention is needed in order to solve every problem for every creative activity, which is maintained thanks to a certain degree of tension. In a state of continuous tension not only efficiency is reduced, but also leads to health problems. Tension is actually stimulating factor for human subject that is followed by regular and adequate rest.

The so common in recent years neurosis and vegetative dystonia, in most cases, they are the result and consequences of prolonged stress. It is therefore extremely important for our health and performance to be able to rest and often to unload your nervous system with a relaxing holiday.

Physical and mental rest are closely linked and complete each other: mental tranquility facilitates relaxation of the muscles and back – physical relaxation favorably affects on mental relief.

What is really a holiday?

To relax means to restore the normal flow of reactions in our lives after any condition of stress – physical or mental.

How to rest best?

Rest is more than just laziness. Rest – this is a condition in which a person does something different from what has led to fatigue. Active Holidays is actually the best vacation. It is especially valuable because it helps to overcome fatigue more quickly. Active activities, whose nature is contrary to the nature of the activities causing fatigue, can lead to faster and more complete unloading (eg. Physical work after a mental load and vice versa).



To unload, to relax and to rest actively – that’s the whole secret to preserve our health.

It is very important short breaks during the day and working week to complete, not to reach exhaustion, which can hardly be compensated only during the holidays.

For short breaks during the working day very suitable compensatory movements, breathing exercises and relaxation exercises.

Breathing is very important not only physical but also our mental confidence. Especially useful for the nervous system is conscious deep breathing.

Why is that?

– Blood circulation is supplied better with oxygen. They include energy reserves. Better oxygen supply to the brain facilitates adaptation in certain situations (clear thinking, good reactions)

– Deep breathing helps relaxation. Tolerate pain more easily than in tension.

– Concentrating on breathing exercises requires self-discipline and diverts attention from the causes of anxiety and tension.

The positive impact of proper breathing on the nervous system increases if you apply and relaxation exercises – body consciously brought into a relaxed state. Such exercises accelerate recovery processes of the nervous system.

Ultimately, if after intense workdays and mental fatigue, organize and instead eat lying and watching TV at home, go skiing in the mountains – it will be active holiday that will bring us back capacity. Or if after a tough week with active exercise, devote a few parties of our favorite chess – the decision will also be in the top ten. Most good rest – that is active rest!






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