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In family the child gets its first knowledge of the outside world
In family the child gets its first knowledge of the outside world

Importance of family for toddler

According to modern scientific psychology, child development is actually a process of mastering the human experience under the direct supervision of the adults around him. The first thing the child comes in contact after birth, are his closest relatives – the family.

The family is the closest social environment in which it grows and develops. In family begins the formation and development of the child psyche. The family carries out the first targeted effects on the course of this development.

The social environment should not be viewed as a mechanical factor in child development. To enable it to fulfill its forming and developing functions, the child needs to enter into active interaction with it. And for this to happen parents and family need to provide the necessary conditions.

Why is that and what exactly is the role of the parents?

In family child gets his first knowledge of the outside world, gets to know the objects, learns how to use them. Parents are the ones who should give him the opportunity to accept them better. It is very important that this is done with the participation of more sensory organs – they can see, touch, taste, etc. This is the main way to improve sensory perception of the world, to enrich the sensory experience and to develop his sensory culture. The wealth of sensory experience is a prerequisite for the development of more complex forms of cognitive activity – perception, ideas, imagination, thinking.

In many families the need for enrichment of the sensory experience of children is underestimated. Many objects /even toys/ are inaccessible to children – serve as ornaments.

Caring for the enrichment of sensory experience is inextricably linked to the child’s ability to act with objects. In the course of the action with them, children add meaning to their knowledge, develop a number of other qualities such as flexibility, speed, dexterity and others.

Parents are the ones that should guide the child in perception and action with objects by showing or asking questions. Thus stimulating cognitive activity of the child and support the development of his curiosity.

Very often parents committed to their daily business and household chores, ignore one of the most important conditions for turning the family into an active factor in the mental development of the child – communication.

Child communication is a source of knowledge and experience. Through it, the child comes into contact with the immediate social environment and absorbs a certain way of behavior and respect for others, and adults on the other hand, can influence him better through their example, their knowledge and respect for the environment.

Parents should provide an opportunity to communicate with their children, when they do something with them and talk with them on various occasions. It is necessary to patiently listen to the child and respond thoroughly to child’s questions.

Communication plays a huge role in the development of the child’s speech. Through this it is possible to perceive speech of adults and thus enrich their vocabulary to give meaning to the words, to improve pronunciation and expression of their speech. These are critical moments of the overall mental development of child’s personality that adults do not always evaluated and use properly.

Based on the understanding of the extremely important role of children’s games in the child’s life, the family has to take systematic care to create favorable conditions for children to play. It is good adults to take part in children’s games to contribute to the enrichment of their content and emotional effect.

Full mental development of children depends largely on the care of mental health. Signs of nervousness are increasingly more observed in recent years. Such children has educational difficulties and often lag behind in their overall mental development. There children often form negative mental qualities. There are hardly any parents who are calm if their child shows deviation from the normal mental development, but parents often underestimate the need for systematic care for the mental health of their children. They simply say: “Today’s children are very nervous.” And with that responsibility is transferred simply to the time in which we live. Do not forget that we are the ones living in this time and the responsibility is ours.

An important condition for full neuro-psychological development of the child is it’s daily regime. Failure to follow the daily regime suitable for the child’s age makes him nervous and affect his psyche. A child should have definitely enough time to sleep and games. Sleep provides rhythmic discharge and rehabilitation of child nervous system, bringing it into a state of readiness for activity.

The family is the basic environment that starts and runs much of neuro-psychological development of the child’s personality. So family must properly assess their share of responsibility and quality in the course of this process and its results. The family is and will remain forever in the heart of the upbringing of the child as a person.

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