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За да се храни детето добре е важно и как ще му поднесем храната
За да се храни детето добре е важно и как ще му поднесем храната

How to strengthen the appetite of fussy eater toddler?

For children 1 to 5 years are often a decrease in appetite, causing concern among parents. This is normally temporary and is usually associated with a significant reduction in the rate of growth after infancy. With age in young children increases the independence of behavior that is expressed often stubbornly impose their wishes.

Feeding allows the child every few hours to show character by refusing food offered to him by the parents. They worry that inadequate nutrition can adversely affect the health and growth of the child and use all methods to get him to eat. This conflict between young children and adults can cause deepening of the negative reaction of the children to feeding adverse health effects, but it can be overcome with patience and understanding.

You can help your child to overcome this period by these proven approaches:
– Do not force your child to eat when not desired. Do not worry if you miss a meal when hungry, they’ll catch the next meal. Do not force your child to eat the entire amount of food that you served him, leave him only to regulate the amount of food intake. Always, however, you must offer its full, healthy and varied diet.
– The child will have a better appetite if he create a specific diet, but he did not offer food constantly and indiscriminately throughout the day.
– Do not overdo it with the milk and fruit juice, 2 cups of milk and 150 ml. Juice a day are enough for a child of two years. These are foods with a high energy value and excessive intake kills the appetite of children to solid foods.
– Offer the child small portions of food. It must have 5 meals, but the amount is small.
– Offer a combination of foods with different colors and interesting shapes, it aroused the interest of children, stimulate their appetite.
– To improve the appetite of the child, stimulate his physical activity (games, walks) if possible outdoors
– Allow the child to eat only – if it is hungry, it will do so.
– Make mealtimes pleasant, do not criticize, not to drive while eating.
– Respect your personal food preferences of the child understand that every child likes certain foods and Druitt dislikes.
– Do not discuss in the presence of the child how much less eat. Do not reward if you eat more or what you want. Do not make him feel guilty that they do not eat. Do not connect the child’s attitude toward you with whether eating or not: “If you do not eat it where your mom cooked, you do not love her.”

Accept quietly the fastidious problems of your child.

If it develops and gaining weight normally with more skill and patience you can overcome it.

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