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Плодовете могат да се сушат или преработват в сладка и конфитюри
Плодовете могат да се сушат или преработват в сладка и конфитюри

Persimmon – an original solution to the yard

Why is this fruit quite overlooked? According to Greek mythology, this is the fruit of the gods and is extremely useful, rich in sugars, vitamins, iodine, mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, pectin and others. Besides being delicious, persimmon is also a valuable remedy. It is recommended for diseases of the digestive tract, cure scurvy and anemia, and the contents of fructose makes it very suitable for diabetics. Color and handle of this fruit are used as protivokashlyachno means to relieve breathing. Her seeds, roasted and ground can successfully substitute for coffee.

Typical of this fruit is that immediately after picking his taste is slightly astringent and need to douzree after harvesting before consumed. It usually takes about two weeks to become good fruit for consumption. Perhaps this is one reason why this fruit is not very popular in our country. Of persimmon are very nice jams, compotes and jams. Prepare and very nice sake of fruits which are not fully ripened.

Homeland of this fruit is China. To 1950. Persimmon is not grown in orchards and existed as single trees in some private yards and then along the Black Sea coast. In recent years more and more interest in this culture show growers – hobbyists.

Typical of the tree of this fruit is that it is very resistant to low temperatures

In Bulgaria the fruit of the persimmon ripen in October and November. These are the months during which fresh fruits are no longer much and could it be preferred fruit. Moreover, its wood is very valuable because it is very hard and is used for making musical instruments, furniture. It is possible to be made very beautiful objects. It is a dark, striped with many different colors and is easy to process.

How can you raise a persimmon tree in your yard?

Persimmon is a tree with a height of 8-10 meters and it is not difficult to grow and is very valuable fruit. The only important condition during growth is that there should be mandatory in the yard varieties pollinators.

There are fruit trees, which are usually approximately 2 meters. The most resistant variety bones. Blooms late May-early June and flowers are not damaged. Pomegranate is a fruit crop that requires irrigation if rainfall is less than 600-700 mm especially when fruits are already there and start getting bigger. It is not pretentious to the type of soil, but likes to have moisture. The life of this fruit reaches from 100-200 to 500 years.

Pruning of persimmon, however, is important. Annual pruning to lighten, thinning and reduction of fruiting branches is mandatory to achieve rejuvenation of fruiting wood, hence the larger fruits. It is best branches to a length of 10-20 cm. Whose branches who are veda whether fruit is removed. If Tory regularly persimmon gives many delicious fruits with great sweetness. They are resistant to frost and can be harvested later after the leaves drop, because left to ripen fully on the branches, they are the most delicious. Harvested fully ripe fruit can be stored in the freezer and consumed throughout the winter. It has been shown that by eating 3-4 apples a day paradise hypertensive patients can fully regulate blood pressure without the need for medications.

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