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Трябва да сме търпеливи и да проявим разбиране, когато детето се инати

When a child exhibits stubbornness

Children’s stubbornness is a deficiency that often makes us go out of balance and feel concern about whether better educate your child and if we do not make any big mistake. There is no room for concern, however!

It is simply to try to understand that our child is stubborn just because a child. For it is unnatural to be so grown up, sensible and straightforward, what we want to see it, we parents! Every child imitate adults and willingly absorbed their skills and habits. But it is a child and is not normally a little two year old child, for example, to sit without moving and obedient to carry anything they want from it. So it gets to know the world wants to move, to run, to touch, it is full of energy that nature gave him exactly that purpose. There is no way we want them to behave like an adult. Even adult caught in a new unfamiliar environment has little inappropriate behavior while get used to it.

Moreover, the child develops a high pace in age from two or three years old, it speaks, becomes more self and he has developed a sense of ‘I’. The ambitions of parents, however, disagree with this point and do not realize that they can not ask your child to behave like an adult and responsible to accept everything about yourself. Yes, the child can also be naughty at times, but when it is put to question or require strictly from parent to events and stubborn. It’s a way to show that it also has the will and not a robot that obeys bezprikoslovno orders. With his behavior he tries to remind that an individual already has an opinion, even if it is not correct.

We should not suppress this quality and behavior of the child. Approach is necessary that it be understood that what we want from him is right, not what it wants with its stubbornness to achieve. With careful attention and even with a smile should be explained to them and they will understand. Not by force, intimidation and other methods to try to overcome stubborn child si.Sled such methods and rude approach from our side can not then expect some activity and creativity of it. We should not suppress in your child a sense of independence, building identities and abilities.

Often parents tend to plan every step of the child, entangling it with a network of countless prescriptions and instructions. Energetic by nature, capable and a sense of dignity children can not long withstand such blocking their options and trying to gain recognition of their rights. With disobedience manifestation of stubbornness, they react to such behavior towards them.

If the child does not collect toys after playing, crumbles crumbs on the table and the floor, despite accusations from his mother at age two years, this is normal behavior and wrong child to swear or punished for their negligence. This is just stage of child development and he will pass if we ourselves do not make these mistakes for which to reproach him. We can not ask the child to collect toys if we ourselves are scattered. We can not require your child to be more of us samite- it imitates us.

Children who at this age can be forced to markedly cautious, polite and executive experience great mental stress passing further on in the hypertrophied guilt in failure, fear lest they do something wrong, self-doubt . We must be patient and explain to the child and his personal example to show what is good and what is bad.

Whatever you can do just another thing to help him and not have to constantly push him to his angry or threatening. Nice to look at myself sides: you always tidy after yourself, you fulfill your promises, with what tone talk with your child. Good manners and demonstrated love always helps. The child is stubborn just because it is a child, not because it is bad.

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