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Importance of family for toddler

In family the child gets its first knowledge of the outside world

The family is the first factor that influences the course of development. The beginning of the formation and development of the psyche of the child is placed in the family and family environment. The daily regime is one of the important conditions for proper neuro-psychological development of the child. The child's development ...

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Children, psychoactive substances and family role

Drug addicts are sick people and we need to look at them as such and try to help them

Everyone knows that legallly or illegally /even via Internet/, young person today can find hundreds of psychoactive substances with different chemical structures and properties.

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Marital happiness – what is it and what does it depend?

И когато се съберат две такива щастливи души се получава щастливото семейство.

The happiness of man within him. There is no way a man to seek happiness outside ourselves - it is an internal feeling. And when put together two such happy people gets lucky semeystvo.Chesto justify our misery by external factors, but the truth is that man alone can control the process of happiness no matter what happens to him.

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Easter legends

When Jesus Christ was crucified, his enemies pelted him with eggs, and God's will, they turned into red eggs, once touched the body. In honor of the miracle people began to paint Easter eggs red. Another legend says that when the crucified Christ on the cross ...

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